Fortnite hits 125 million players in less than a year, says Epic Games

That’s bigger than League of Legends. Will the Battle Royale fever die out any time soon? Or will they be here for good.

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kevnb103d ago

I'm sure that number will keep growing, but I find it pointless. I mean it sounds good in a or statement, but who really cares how many people tried the game? Especially a free to play game, smh.

SolidGear3103d ago

Is that a shopping cart? Lol

T1125P102d ago

And I'm not one of them LOL Not even the least bit interested in the battle royale genre. I'm more for pure FPS games. Classic COD 4, Quake 3, and a bit of Overwatch.

kevnb102d ago

cod 4 and overwatch are pure fps?