Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Is the Worst Way to Play Epic Games' Battle Royale Sensation Right Now

Gadgets 360 says: "So was Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch worth the wait? In the past we’ve seen games like Doom, FIFA 18, and LA Noire make visual trade-offs when releasing on the Switch, and despite Fortnite’s vivid, punchy art direction, its graphical failings are evident. It simply doesn’t look that good in either docked or handheld mode."

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XentaJones97d ago

I rather like it on switch much better than a mobile phone

crazyCoconuts97d ago

I've seen it on an iPhone 6 and an an iPad Air 2 (both older devices) and the Switch version looks way better. I'm sure if you had an iPhone X it would be a different story. But it plays on a handheld with controllers and you can play it on the go which is really pretty awesome.

septemberindecember96d ago

I’ve seen and played the iPhone X version and even that looks worse than the Switch version.

The Switch is the best looking and controlling mobile version of fortnite. But boy do I wish it was 60fps.

Kumakai96d ago

Yeah but playing it on an Xbox one X or PS4 pro makes the switch version look crap you’ll also never get 60 fps on Switch. The performance disparities practically give Switch players a disadvantage on crossplay. #powerMatters

Foraoise96d ago

Not really. You're exaggerating if you say playing it on the X or the Pro makes the Switch version look like crap. It doesn't look as good, but it looks close. Smh. Fanboys.

Gaming_1st96d ago

ROFLMAO.....That's a good point.

Omar9197d ago

I played it on ps4 and PC where i usually play it on and its true, its the worst way to play the game however the portablility of it is awesome. (Never tried it on mobile)

Uken1296d ago

Yeah but when it first launched on PS4 it looked pretty bad. Hopefully they just tried to get it on the system as soon as possible and will update with patches. That's what it seems like they are doing.

It's fun for soloing.

But yes PC is the best way to play.

Prettygoodgamer96d ago

It looked perfectly fine on ps4 the day it released, where did you get the idea it looked bad ? It was a million miles better looking than pubg release.

Uken1294d ago

I'm saying it looked bad compared what it looks like now. It looks much better. Runs at 60fps and has improved. I'm not comparing it to pubs, that buggy mess. How is that negative? I'm also not saying it was terrible looking, just by comparison to what it is now.

pramath160596d ago

Disagree. I have played it almost as much on Switch as I ever did on PS4 already.

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Magnetar96d ago

Same here, more of a pubg guy. Been playing fortnite before work and at lunch the last few days. Hotspot you’re phone and you can play anywhere.

BlackTar18796d ago (Edited 96d ago )

All this says is you've barely played in on ps4. Judging by release date you've barely played on the switch too

Prettygoodgamer96d ago

Probably doesn't have a ps4 that's why the less time on it lol

2pacalypsenow96d ago

So you must of not played it much on the Ps4 then cuz that makes no sense.

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ZaWarudo96d ago

A few pixels less isn't the end of the world.

Segata96d ago

Seeing your disagrees means those people killed themselves thinking it was the end of the world. Maybe it's for the best.

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