The Last of Us Part II will focus on humanity trying to be normal again

MWEB GameZone writes: "We had the opportunity to talk to Naughty Dog at E3 this year and walked away with some very interesting information about The Last of Us Part II, including that the game will feature more than one playable character and more."

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naruga188d ago

will include the DAMN infected ?? that s the question...i dont want an U4 again , just killing half of the surviving mankind.....

Veneno187d ago

Did you miss the 2nd trailer?

Kokyu187d ago

There are plenty of zombie games dude chill

DreadGara187d ago

Being gay isn't normal...
I'm staying away from this cause the propaganda is really messed up with this sjw game.
I'd rather play a game without a single person filled with clickers and zombies instead of starting at two boys with a sex change acting like they are living a Disney moment.

Gaming_1st187d ago

Totally agree. If you imposed it in a different manner, that's ok. But when you focus your trailer on the #lbgt movement, i will pass. But it's obvious how this game is focusing with the first gameplay trailer, or as sepectic would say "Scripted".

And btw, this will be the first naughty dog game i will not purchase since the first game released on apple 2 in 1985. I have purchase everything they have put out, from the amiga to even the 3DO "Way of the warrior". All the way to current gen. I will finally be passing on a ND game.

Edito187d ago

It's childish to judge a game of this caliber because of two trailers... If you and the others that are criticising the game can see the big picture of this story with only two trailers... I will call it magic...

Kokyu187d ago

You wont be missed trust me.

187d ago
Silly Mammo187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Won't buy a game because gay people are icky. And the libs are the snowflakes?

DreadGara187d ago

Well said, The game lost its gore and everything else that came with it now.
Where the fuck is Joel by the way???? hes supposed to be the main character of this game......
He made the game looks awesome in the first place, Not some open minded wierd cunts.

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purpleblau187d ago

Yea, agreed. At least not for the mainstream audience.

the gayness ruined the vibe of the game a bit. It's supposed to be exploring the family-like relationship between Joel and Ellie and friendship between other people. Not this kinda crap. I just hope this is just only a small touch of the overall story. If it's the main theme, I'll still play, but skip all that gay cutscenes.

CorndogBurglar187d ago

"Its supposed to be exploring the family-like relationship between Joel and Ellie and friendship between other people."

Well, you don't get to say what this game is SUPPOSED to be. You just described the 1st game. This is not the 1st game. Obviously time has passed between games. When you start making video games then you can say what those games are SUPPOSED to be. But as it is, this what Naught Dog wanted to do. We already knew Ellie was a lesbian. That much was shown already from the first game. I'm not sure why it's so shocking to see her in some kind of relationship with a woman.

Kokyu187d ago

Yeah cause gay people dont have family or care about families, people or have children right? Jesus you homophobic people kill me.

Name Last Name187d ago

lol good riddance homophobes

purpleblau187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I'm not saying that nor did I infer that. Being gay is not normal. That is a fact. But no one here is against that or tries to discriminate against it. We just pointed out that being gay in this game ruined the mainstream audience, because if you want to sell that game to the mass market, you have to make something that the MASS market accepts!

rainslacker187d ago

I'm keeping an open mind. I don't like the way the trailer brought the politics to the front over what TLOU could really be, because I feel such a thing is pretty incidental to whatever they're hoping to achieve story wise.

That said, I hope that aspect of the story and Ellie's character doesn't play a huge part in this focus on humanity trying to be normal again. If it's there, fine, if it becomes a major story point, then it's a step down from how good they are with stories.

I think Druckmann should have just left this for the actual game, and let people discuss it from that. If it's not a major point of the story, it seems kind of silly to include it as a fairly major part of the trailer.

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Veneno187d ago

So if it were a man and woman then that is Naughty Dog and Sony shoving heterosexual propaganda down our throats?

Jiggy7d187d ago

Flawed logic. There is no need for heterosexual propaganda since it is normal, it comes naturally…….homosexuality however is not normal. Just because it exists does not mean that it should be accepted as something normal. And trying to force people to accept it by any means necessary is in my opinion wrong and distasteful.

drpepperdude187d ago

No I don't think this game needs any romance but if it showed two dudes kissing it would have grossed me out too much to get it. If you think being normal is propaganda there is something wrong with you.

CorndogBurglar187d ago

@ Jiggy7d

Come on man. No one is forcing you to accept homosexuality.

They are telling a story about someone who is gay. Sure. But at no point are they telling you, the player, that you have to agree with homosexuality.

Homosexuals exist. Period. This is a game that has one in it. That's it.

These comments just prove that humanity is doomed to never progress.

Goldby187d ago


"here is no need for heterosexual propaganda since it is normal, it comes naturally"

yet homosexuality happens naturally, so i guess by your logic, it is normal because of your points

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tiagra187d ago

The majority of the world population was turned into disfigured agressive beings by some fungus while the survivers are viciously killing each others, yet you are concerned about two girls kissing.

ocelot07187d ago

I like that comment. There is some messed up people in this world and no I am not talking about gay/bi people there pretty normal. It's the people like the ones above with the homophobic comments that are messed up.

drpepperdude187d ago

Yet Ellie is dancing and having a gay ole time right?

Skankinruby187d ago

Lol being gay isn't normal but the uninfected population dividing into cults killing each other for resources is? Tell me this, do you play call of duty, GTA, or any other violent game where the 'good side' is really just the person you're controlling but in the end its all just senseless killing? But those games get a free pass because 'they're just video games' right? Get outta here with your preachy nonsense, the hypocrisy is so silly.

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dreue187d ago

Wow, people here in the year 2018 are still making a big deal of being gay or not? Well guess what get lost, you dont belong here... Because you guys are the one making a big deal of it.... What is wrong with ellie having a girlfriend and not a boyfriend? In the first one we all knew she was gay.... Being gay is not normal? Fuck off you are not normal dreadgara and gaming_1st you guys are the problem we have.... Even in a game from 2018 you cant show gay stuff? What a fuck? Ellie can be in love and thrn they show the opposite on her.... Guys please if this is the reason you will not get this game well then get lost and pleqse re think your life choise.... This is really sad....

angelsx187d ago

Being a gay or lesbian is not normal and shouldn't be tolerated

dreue187d ago

Should not be tolerated? What is wrong with you? Sorry but you have no ideia, you dont choose that stuff. Im not going to lose more time with you.... Have a good day....

TeamIcoFan187d ago

Well guess what snowflake, I exist and you will tolerate me.
What're you gonna do, track me down and throw me off of some building to make yourself feel better?

HeisenbergX187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Angelsx No dude come that’s fine and has always been around what are you talking about ?? that’s not the issue here the issue IMO is Neil shoving this crap down our throats and i hate that ! in Left Behind it was very subtle and cute and charming i really liked that moment but this was so akward to me and hard to watch they should have kept that for us to find out and not show at E3.

drpepperdude187d ago

I don't think it should ever be thought of as normal but the people who are gay should be treated fairly.

Kokyu187d ago

You shouldnt be tolerated.

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LucasRuinedChildhood187d ago

Yeah, there's no real ham-fisted message behind this either so it's hard to sympathize with those who are outraged about this. She's just a gay character and we already knew that from the first game. This isn't a arbitrary character change for Ellie. Gays are a fairly small percentage of the population but they exist within every generation so they're normal enough. There shouldn't be an issue with them occasionally taking a leading role in media. Most people who have issues with gays have their own issues so I wouldn't worry about these guys. Making a big deal about a lesbian relationship isn't normal.

OB1Biker187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I agree with every thing you said except for the last statement.
You are right it should NOT be a big deal at all even if the trailer makes it seem like a big deal.
The thing is it doesnt give much to go with regarding the story. It seems to introduce an older Ellie and what her life is like. Even if we can guess the drama possibly occuring later (thanks to the first reveal). I.E. Ellie and her GF maybe raped and her gf killed. Joel arrives in time to save Ellie but she wants to kill the agressors and then finds out shes pregnant. All wild guesses of course but that what we are left with since the trailers dont inform much on where the story is going.
I think some people believe Ellie s emotional and sexual orientation is a big theme of the game and I understand thats not really interesting to m e. That would equally be uninteresting if she was straight. But then I could say WTF? Without having the feeling to walk on eggshells.
Either way theres very little to go with and guess where the story is going and ITS OKAY to say one is not interested

Omnisonne187d ago

Yeah I think people are mixing up being for or against lesbians in general with people not being interested in a lesbian love story. It's like saying someone hates tennis players because they aren't interested in tennis.
"You don't like Ellie being lesbian and kissing in that trailer?! You must be a backwards homophobe!"
Some people just aren't interested in the direction the game is taking. Doesn't mean they hate it out of principle.

MWH187d ago

what gives you the right to subject the audience without warning to images knowing very well it can be extremely offensive to a majority of people including kids?
why a LGBT have the right to be offended and act accordingly but normal people are being stripped off of their innate feelings toward this matter?
why a minority think it can dictate the majority?
and what's normal in licking your own gender?

a small story;

i once had a friend who turned out to be gay. we had a lot in common so i didn't feel that this will compromise our friendship, until he started advocating his ways without any content from my side.
i understand the part that he wanted to be accepted and i believe that this is a natural right for any human being but i also believe it is my natural right not be forced or subjected to this acceptance. we discussed and argued a lot but in the end we agreed to disagree. what i feel he couldn't comprehend or maybe didn't want to, is the fact that the way most normal people feel about this subject is completely instinctive, it is not necessarily related to the culture or the upraising of the individual.

sex by nature is a sensitive and a private subject, most people will never face a problem if they keep their sexual orientations to themselves. what LGBT want is much more than that, they want pedestals to expand and propagate their sways as ways of life and this will never be accepted by a normal community not only because they don't want to but because their native feelings toward it cannot be changed just like their claim that their sexuality is not by selection.

we were having dinner with couple more friends and i was talking about a girl; i remember him saying that a woman's breasts are nothing more but disgusting glands! this blew my mind!

a note to N4G administration: you can ban accounts but you can't ban minds.

nommers181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Kids are going to be introduced to certain subject matters one way or another. This is quite tame actually. The first time kids are introduced to the concept of death is much worse than this.

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