Ghost of Tsushima Has Multiple Difficulty Settings, Will "Wreck You" If You Want

Ghost of Tsushima will accommodate everyone from the casual "tourist" to the crusty hardcore. Get the details on the game's difficulty.

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Imp0ssibl363d ago

Nice, that's not common in open world games

Kashima63d ago

Hope there's more samurai weapons options like odachi, naginata, spears, bows etc

SuperSonic9163d ago

Man I am itching to play as Zato Ichi in this game with them one hit kills!
Looks like this game will be about realistic timing with your sword stances especially the sword duels.


Snookies1263d ago

I just want there to be a good variety of weapon/armor choices. Everything else look amazing.

neocores805563d ago

I just LOVE the setting i will get it either way... Reminds me of onimusha and i LOVED THOSE GAMES!! (But not 3)

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The story is too old to be commented.