Editorial: Where are the Third-Party Games Nintendo?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "The E3 2018 Nintendo Direct just concluded a few hours ago with much of the focus being on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title for the Nintendo Switch and other first party games being featured during the presentation, but there was something truly bothersome during this presentation and that is with the lack of third-party instalments being featured on the hybrid console. We did see some great support from developers, however, with a minimal catalogue of third-party games, it does quickly become a concern for Nintendo fans who which to play on a single platform."

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Community158d ago
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FallenAngel1984158d ago

“I do not want to sound ungrateful in any way, but compared to both Sony and Microsoft who had a showcase of stunning new releases from third-party and indie companies alike, makes Nintendo’s presentation fall a little short of expectation especially with the recent success of the Nintendo Switch.”

That’s why Nintendo’s consoles have felt supplementary for the longest time. I could never primarily use their consoles over the competition knowing that I’d be missing out on so many third party offerings.

Even with Switch being so successful, you aren’t going to see a massive wave of major third party publishers ensure NS get a version day and date with the others. As E3 has demonstrated it’ll continue to be a case by case basis.

PhoenixUp158d ago

“Once again, games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Dark Souls: Remastered are already on other consoles and have been enjoyed by many, but ultimately feel old when comparing at the Nintendo Switch versions of these titles, especially with the downgraded graphics and later release dates will have some people skipping out on these experiences for their better-looking counterparts.”

Downgraded graphics aren’t going to stop people from enjoying those games. People buying NS know it’s not the most powerful device available and aren’t getting it for bleeding edge tech so that shouldn’t be a factor to bring up.

And just because a game releases later on a platform doesn’t make it “old” or unappealing. It’s also funny how you bring up Dark Souls Remastered when that itself is a remaster of an 7 year old game. Clearly if PS4 & XO owners can still enjoy a title that aged, what would a mere few months do to deter NS owners enjoyment of the same title? Late ports in general should never be discounted. RoTR for example releasing on PS4 one year later didn’t stop my enjoyment of the title.

superchiller158d ago

You're missing a major point, which is that the Switch is technically way below the power of the PS4 and Xbox One. It really can't offer the same quality of 3rd party games as the other two consoles, so why bother? Just buy those games on the true consoles, and leave the indies and Nintendo first party titles to the Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman157d ago

By your own flawed logic, people should also ignore the other two consoles and get those games for PC, since that's where the quality is highest.
The quality of third party games is fine on a system that small; only the idiots and Nintendo haters are trying to use none-parity-hardware as an excuse to not pick up these games on it.

marloc_x157d ago

You're missing a major point, which is that the HD Twins are technically way below the power of the PC. It really can't offer the same quality of 3rd party games as a desktop, so why bother? Just buy those games on a PC , and leave the indies and Nintendo first party titles to the Switch.

PhoenixUp157d ago

@ super

Seems like you missed the entire point of my response, which basically boils down to that NS owners aren’t obsessed with having the most powerful versions of any game. Learn to comprehend better

superchiller157d ago

Your point was poorly thought out though. If the Switch is unable to run 3rd party games without substantial reductions in resolution, frame rate, and physics, those games are not likely to sell very well on the Switch, and most people will simply buy them for other platforms. That's why many developers are skipping the Switch for their games. Think things out a little before you post next time maybe?

Averyashimself157d ago

This is exactly why I believe that Nintendo should create a dock accessory that improves the power of the console when you're playing at home.

superchiller157d ago

They don't have the technical expertise to do that unfortunately. Source: Nintendo Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman157d ago

The third party games were mostly talked about during the run-up to E3.
Not showing up in the conference doesn't mean they don't exist; stop ignoring them.