Sekiro Demo Preview: Is it Souls?

Activision and FromSoftware revealed their upcoming title Sekiro, making Souls fans eager for a possible souls-like. But with limited information available, speculation goes rampant about whether the game will have a souls feel or not.

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gamerzero63d ago

This is just my opinion. But I hope they move away from Souls.

There are 4 Souls games Nioh, Nioh 2, Bloodborn, Code Vein, that Viking game and dozens of other "it's the Souls of' games. It's not that Souls is bad in any way but there is plenty of enough Souls to for change to be good.

ziggurcat63d ago

it's Miyazaki, so it'll probably have elements of that, but it's probably not a "Souls" game.

Tobse63d ago

I always wished for a return of bushido blade but with this, nioh and ghost of tsushima im set already

Last_Boss62d ago

It's an Action game like Tenchu.

Last_Boss62d ago

For the dumb ass that downvoted. From Software even confirmed.