First in-game footage from Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2018 demo surfaces (off-screen)

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already reported, CD Projekt RED showcased Cyberpunk 2077 behind closed doors. And today, the first gameplay footage from that demonstration has surfaced. However, do note that a) this is a small glimpse/tease and b) this is off-screen footage."

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IamTylerDurden1188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

That was basically nothing. The city looked beautiful, but c'mon.

Cyberpunk was one of the most disappointing things at E3 imo. We expected gameplay after 6 years, but instead got a cinematic trailer. I honestly wasn't impressed with tone either. There were cool elements like the robot mercenaries in the cab and perhaps even the protagonist and the car at the end, but overall, i wasn't blown away. Especially considering it was Microsoft's show closer.

TheOptimist188d ago

I don't even get why people think it has been in the works for 6 years. They just released a trailer in 2012 while the actual active development started in 2016 after Blood & Wine released. Smh.... Apply some logic.

neutralgamer1992187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

No not true

After release of Witcher 3 majority of the team moved on while a smaller team was working on dlc

This game has been in active development for a a while now. I really think this is a fall 2019 title

Aeery187d ago

This video showed ... nothing.


1nsomniac187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Because CDPR have publically stated it has been in development behind the scenes for 6 years. That’s why.

starchild187d ago

Yes, it has been worked on in some fashion by some small number of devs at CDPR for about 6 years, but serious, studio-wide development didn't start until after the Blood and Wine expansion.

And yes, this video was fairly low quality and offered nothing but a glimpse. But for those that are super hyped and eagerly anticipating the game a glimpse is better than nothing. I love the visual aesthetic and I'm extremely glad they are using a dynamic day/night cycle. It makes a huge difference to the believability and aesthetic beauty and variety of a game.

3-4-5186d ago

@Theoptimist. The entire team doesn't work on an expansion...maybe 20-30 people. the core teams moves to next game.

Anybody who knows anything about the gaming industry and games development knows this.

But you are kind of right in that it hasn't been full team developed for 6 years....probably 4-5.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro186d ago

"development started in 2016"

No, no and no.

TheDriz186d ago


Your info is not correct.

TocaCannaBowl186d ago

thats so stupid of them tho ..why release a trailer in 2012 and start the actual develepmont of the game in 2016 ?

MIKE702KA186d ago

Witcher 3 took 4 years so most likely late 2019 or sometime in 2020 with the launch of the next consoles

InKnight7s186d ago

So you assume the game builders from mostly the scratch they worked again on DLCs? that would put pricing as full game each because working even in games it cost and require salaries!! smaller team that twist and add things for DLCs.

fiveby9186d ago

I don't think the timeline @TheOptimist present is quite accurate. Word from behind the scenes gameplay demo seems to be positive. Not sure why they didn't show the public. Maybe just like teasing longer. As the saying goes, "always leave them wanting more".

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The 10th Rider187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I do think the tone of the new trailer was pretty jarring. I know the original trailer was just showing off the concept, but it seemed so much grittier and more mature. I'm sure the game will be fine, but it did kill a bit of my hype.

neutralgamer1992187d ago

Those who saw the demo said the overall feel was a lot darker than what the trailer showed

The 10th Rider187d ago

That's good to hear. The original trailer had more of a Blade Runner/Deus Ex vibe. This one felt more like Watch Dogs 2

BadElf187d ago

Yeah, I was worried after the e3 trailer. Then CD Project said they purposely showed the city in the day time, and that way, so it "didn't feel/look like every single other" Dystopia type thing. They then confirmed, a lot of the dark, mature feel will be there...especially at night.

Last_Boss187d ago

It was partly due to the time of day and that one singular shot.

sprinterboy186d ago

The game from what I'm hearing sounds like a gta clone set in the future with a deux ex kinda story with traditional style fps weapon mechanics similar to destiny weapon feel. Ticks the boxes for me since it's first person, 3rd person it would have just felt like a gta game imo set on the future.

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Takwin187d ago

I have seen many sites, experienced ones, say that it was the best game demo they have EVER seen, including Digital Foundry, Game Informer, and more.

medman187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Kudos to you for including those links...I had seen the Eurogamer one (among many others), but the other two were new to me and much appreciated.

starchild187d ago

I also watched the Playstation Access video about their experience with the demonstration and they said it "blew our minds". They basically raved about the game.

John Linneman from Digital Foundry also had extremely high praise for what he saw. On twitter he wrote:

"Cyberpunk 2077 is legit. I can’t even imagine this being current gen. Like holy shit. It’s like Deus Ex + Crysis + Witcher at a scale and level of detail that I’ve never seen. It’s the kind of game I’ve dreamt of for ages. That was one hell of an hour."

purpleblau186d ago

Ok, if it's the best game demo they showed. Why didn't they show the public? What's the point of hiding such a beautiful demo?

Movefasta1993187d ago

Somebody with Knack for a profile pic shouldn't be criticizing anything imo.

phoenixwing187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

i don't think it was basically nothing if the city is that densely packed and made then it is quite something. Gives me even more reason to expect great things.

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gapecanpie186d ago

Actually that walking simulator by Kojima was the worst thing at E3...

Foxhound922186d ago

You really are stupid to think the game will be a walking simulator, especially based on the trailer. The trailer suggests a lot of different gameplay gameplay styles and Kojima has never had a history of making "walking simulators." Kojima also said those segments in the trailer were just show some of the environments in the game.

In the trailer we saw exploration, alien like landscapes, goods/body transportation and coordination, time dilation, survival elements, advanced technology, action sequences, npc relationships, backstory, outposts, vehicles, weapons, stealth, and demon like creatures that track and try to kill you.

How the hell do you get "walking simulator" from the culmination of the 4 trailers shown? You're extremely simple-minded and clueless or you're just trolling because the game is not on your platform of choice.

It's okay to not be interested in a game, but to call a these trailers and a KOJIMA game a walking simulator just makes you look silly. Please get a clue.

Antifan186d ago

Because all of CDPR'S work are subjected to change, just like the original TW3 demo. CDPR is right not to show gameplay. So it's not used against them by outraged fanboys (the downgrade crowd) if or when the gameplay style does change.
The game is coming regardless, you will not only see it but play it regardless. So why don't we wait

killswitch80186d ago

nah if you knew anything about Cyberpunk you would know for a sure that this game is coming out in 2020. Its called Cyberpunk 2020 not this game but what its based on.

DOMination-186d ago

@FunAndGun: it IS based off a table-top RPG called Cyberpunk 2020

joab777186d ago

I disagree because I know why they did it now. Even so called journalists were upset with the FPS aspect. Imagine a million idiots retweeting after a gameplay demo.

Do your thing CDPR. Bioshock and Half life are to of my favorite IPs. I also loved Deus Ex. This will probably be better than all of them. Bring it on!!

conanlifts186d ago

Let them take their time and get it right. Hopefully 2019 but if not 2020 or even 2021. If it turns out perfect it is worth the wait. Witcher 3 was not only one of the best games of all time but also the best value. Even the standard edition at launch came loaded with extras like a music cd etc. The game was huge and each DLC/ expansion was bigger than most games on their own. I say make a new IP as great or better than that and if time is needed so be it.

Plenty to play in the meanwhile.

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Ceaser9857361186d ago

cyberpunk fall 2019?? Keep dreaming.. Its a 2020 title could push to 2021 .. Will release on Both current and Next gen..

sinspirit186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

They have been very undecided on how exactly the gameplay will function, let alone what perspective to choose. They didn't show it to the public yet but showed it to many press behind doors and from what has been said it looks absolutely groundbreaking and genre-defining so we will likely get a public presentation of it after professional critiques have been super positive. They are patient. This is art to them. We have plenty of other games until this comes out. Yes, it sucks that a game that is super interesting is still not in our hands. But, they are here to make history, not just money.

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Septic188d ago

Even that tease looks epic.

Cyberpunk man; how will current gen vanilla consoles handle this?

techsquisite188d ago

Just want that as a live/dynamic wallpaper. And more than likely a couple console price cuts will happen before its released to make the pro/X more enticing.

3 games I've patiently waited the longest for -
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy VII Remake

One has come. One is coming soon. And one is probably a myth at this point.

Lamboomington187d ago

As long as the next gen and PC version are not downgraded, everyone will be happy. Hopefully the PC version maxed out will look as good as the demo.

AgeInTheCage187d ago

Hope the pc master race actually purchases this, us console players have been keeping gaming alive while 92% of the master race have been torrenting games for the past 20 years.

I expect the console versions to outsell the pc versions by quite a bit.

starchild187d ago

Way to troll. PC gaming generates more revenue than any console platform. And most games sell very well on PC. It's a healthy platform. Why do think nearly every developer not owned by Sony or Nintendo is putting their games on PC?

The Witcher 3 sold better on the PC than on either the PS4 or XB1.

MWH186d ago

@AgeInTheCage you know what else in the cage? Bullsh1t.

tontontam0186d ago

"The Witcher 3 sold better on the PC than on either the PS4 or XB1."

WTF pc elitist
the witcher 3 sold more on "ps4 and xbox combined" than pc
can't you just be happy that the devs made so much money that they now have the budget to create an even better game

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OffRoadKing186d ago

Poorly but by the time it releases it will probably be on next gen consoles, well PS5 anyway.

slate91187d ago

You saw more in the trailer than in that video :(

Blu3_Berry187d ago

I mean it looks pretty but we pretty much guessed that. Gonna remain skeptic until we see actual gameplay to decide if the first person view is right or not.

It's not that I don't have faith in CPR, but here's my issue with the first person view. They said it is an RPG first, shooter second. My problem with that is I find first person RPGs very slow and boring. A few examples of an RPG first with shooting elements are games like Prey(reboot), Dues Ex, Half-Life, Elderscrolls(when in first person view) & in some cases Dishonored. I found those games pretty boring and too slow paced for my liking (Dishonored was enjoyable but I'm done with that series now).

I also don't feel as immersed in the world when it's first person in an RPG as well. I prefer seeing my character and all the surroundings to feel like I am alive and in this world.

Now, if it was an Action-Shooter with some RPG elements similar to games like Bioshock, Borderlands, Dead Space, Dying Light, and Far Cry (the latter two aren't really RPGs but whatever) then I would be completely cool with that.

That is my main problem with Cyberpunk being First Person. I generally don't enjoy RPGs in first person unless it is an action shooter with RPG elements. I find it rather slow paced and repetitive.

I don't doubt that these guys can make a great game. It's just I do not like RPG games being in first person unless it is on the action side. That's my opinion at least.

Bobafret187d ago

Do you run around in real life being followed by a camera drone? I don't understand how pulling away from your character is more immersive.

Blu3_Berry187d ago

Why are you comparing a videogame to real life? I already deal with enough BS in real life. I play videogames to get away from real life crap to have fun and be immersed in unique worlds.

madforaday187d ago

Because if a developer wants to tell a story about a character, the player wants to actually see the character to see how he/she reacts to the world. You will see emotions throughout the game without needed a cutscene.

A first person view is more aligned with YOU are the character (Far Cry 5 for an example) so in reality you don't see yourself from behind you lol. I loved Far Cry but I didn't give a crap about the characater I was because I never saw that person.

A game like Last Of Us or Horizon, I am "watching" a part of their happen so I am immersed in that.

Bobafret186d ago

I imagine I am that character and in that world, it's not hard. But different strokes and all that.

cyx186d ago

No we don't because were just basic humans so we're seeing things from a limited scope aka 1st person. Thats why 3rd person is a good thing imo .its like having god eyes lol you see evrything around you not just a limited perspective. I get enough 1st person in everyday life. I wish they would have given us the CHOICE to play in 1st or 3rd. Gta v proved you can have an amazing open world game with both camera modes available

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Rippcity187d ago

I was skeptical about the first person view as well but I feel like that was just because I expected it to be third person like the Witcher. After reading the comments of people who played the demo, it seems like they have something that plays faster than Dues Ex and slower than Borderlands. Which to me is fine. I would be perfectly happy with something similar to the way Borderlands plays. I also imagine that since it is all about customization, the play style will differ from person to person based on how you build your character. I have complete faith in CD to make something awesome, regardless of the perspective.

starchild186d ago

Deus Ex--the first one--is one of my favorite games of all time (the others are pretty awesome too). Third person would have totally changed that game for the worse. It didn't feel "slow" or "boring". Quite the opposite actually. It was one of the most exciting, immersive and engaging gaming experiences of my life.

xenz186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

You should watch a few previews. Everyone is mind-blown, and a few has said that the gameplay is very fast-paced.

Sm3000186d ago

I'm way more a fan of 3rd person, but I simply trust their judgement, I'm not getting worked up over it

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bluefox755187d ago

Does look pretty epic. Imagine a world that densely populated, full of quests and interactions like the Bloody Baron in Witcher 3.


The Bloody Baron... man, that was one intense quest and one of my top 5 from any game!