Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Supports Voice Chat Directly on Console, Without Needing Phone App

One of the biggest knocks on the Nintendo Switch so far has been its rather terrible smartphone app, but now that's not the case with Fortnite.
The game, which just came out on Nintendo Switch, officially supports voice chat natively on the console- all you have to do is plug a headset into the thing’s headphone jack, and you’re good to go. You don’t need any app or anything. It simply works as it should. This functionality will officially be activated this Thursday.

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strayanalog159d ago

I wonder if this is the end of people accidentally strangling themselves with their own wires? Seriously though, I hope Nintendo sees the - no doubt - positive response from the community and drops the app.

joab777158d ago

How can Epic figure this out and Nintendo can’t? Lol!

Prettygoodgamer158d ago

Yeah it's a head scratcher right

PhoenixUp159d ago

“all you have to do is plug a headset into the damn thing’s headphone jack, and you’re good to go”

Wow this was always possible on Switch. Nintendo got shown up by a third party and they should be ashamed

porkChop158d ago

Nintendo themselves actually did this, but it was super limited. In Splatoon 2 in (local?) coop you could actually use headsets through the system itself. But only in that one mode. I don't know why it was so limited like that, but they did it.

Hopefully other devs just build voice chat support into their games rather than use the app.

1-pwnsause-1158d ago

I’m assuming they’re doing this because they’re trying to be family friendly, although I don’t see how so...

chris235158d ago

whoa but it‘s 2018... that‘s all that comes to mind when reading this headline.

aConIsDemocracy158d ago

i don't get this. i thought switch had no way of doing chat. Someone inform me please as i thought this wasn't possible.

GameBoyColor158d ago

It was always possible, nintendo just doesn't support it themselves fully. I believe Splatoon 2 can do it in lan play. People just didn't think it was possible because nintendo doesn't advertise it and everyone says it's not possible.

I told people this game would do it because it is all 100% on epics servers, but they are all like "but you have to go through nintendo!" lol

aConIsDemocracy158d ago

thanks GameBoyColor. i didn't know this.

ClanPsi1158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

It's always been possible, Nintendo just wanted to push their chat app.

It's also 'possible' to message people on your friend's list, not have to add people by friend code, and form multiplayer parties to join online games as a group, but all of these features have thus far not been implemented. It's really f*cking annoying. Nintendo saying it isn't possible is pretty much Phil Spencer saying always-on online couldn't be just flipped off with a switch (pun not intended, but humourous nonetheless).

aConIsDemocracy158d ago

thanks ClanPsi1. I loved the pun by the way.

deafdani158d ago

The most maddening part of it all is that the freaking Wii U actually allowed you to send text messages to your friends (in a pretty clunky and impractical way, but still) and didn't have friend codes. So, why the fuck did the Switch, its sucessor, not only failed to actually imitate it at least, but made it worse?

TheColbertinator158d ago

The hell is going on? Did Epic figure something out?

deafdani158d ago

Nope. Epic, unlike Nintendo, knows it's 2018. They didn't just figured anything out, they had it figured ages ago. It's Nintendo who still doesn't have a goddamn clue.

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