Why didn’t anyone warn us not to play Fortnite on PS4?

The Fortnite account issue is a ridiculous situation.

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ZaWarudo9d ago

Oof. This is not a good look for Sony.

thorstein9d ago

Why? If I have it on PS4 why would I play it on Switch?

GottaBjimmyb9d ago

To play on the go, and how about if you wanted to play on PC?

Brazz9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You can play on pc and ps4 just fine whit the same just need to link epic/psn account. One more thing, the ability to pair pc and console account came first on ps4, and than xbox.
Note: ps4 only block crossplay whit consoles. Crossplay whit pc, mac, android, ios, etc. Is working fine. Don't fall for fanboy bu$#@#$ that says that ps4 is isolated, they have the second largest base and they can crossplay whit the largest, PC. You will find a much bigger community on ps4 than on xbox or switch.

Septic9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I want to play it on Switch. I'm screwed now cause of Sony's stupid policy.

The skin/costumes and content aren't cheap on this.

This stupid policy needs to change. Fml

Q20539d ago

"To play on the go"
How to play a multiplayer online only game without Internet?

Brazz9d ago

Sorry about my bad english, this not my first language. Please, read the "whit" as "with", and also forgive me for any other mistake.

BlackTar1879d ago


Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot. That's how i pay rocket league on the go. That's all i use switch for and since cosmetics are cosmetics I'm not that worried about being a no skin on switch

Yetter9d ago

People like choices?? Is this news?

SuperSonic919d ago (Edited 9d ago )


Look at them soy boys trying to jump on PS4s fence!

I say them soy boys play and enjoy Forshite in their own backyard and keep off my grass!

PS4 and PC cross play is good enuff.

Stop demonizing PS4 for this. wanna play Forshite on PS4 then buy one.

ziggurcat9d ago


There's crossplay between PS4 and PC/Mac/iOS.

"PS4: Cross-Play With PC, Mac, iOS and Android
The PS4 version of Fortnite supports cross-play with PC, Mac and the game's iOS and eventual Android versions. It also supports cross-progression across all of these platforms, meaning that you can link your Epic Games account to your PlayStation account and keep your progress and rewards no matter where you play."

Shiken9d ago

To the idiot's who ask how to play on the go without Wifi...

My work has Wifi

My truck has wifi

My phone can put out a hotspot good enough to play CoD on my PS4, it can handle Fortnite

Most restaurants have wifi

My work has wifi

Have a nice day, welcome to 2018.

nitus109d ago


Fortnite is an online only game so and you won't be able to pause the game which is not all that great for "playing on the go". Sure you could play Fortnite where you won't be interrupted and your mobile wireless network is working but where your wireless connection is spotty or nonexistent you are going to have problems.

Aenea9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


You can play it on PC as others have said, if you want to play it on the go get a cheap Vita....
Want a bigger screen? Play it on a Sony tablet (or sideload the RemotePlay app on a non-Sony Android tablet). Also your laptop or work desktop PC can play it using RemotePlay.

As for amount of possible players, it's either:
- PS4 + PC + iOS + Android + Mac
- Switch + Xbox One + PC + iOS + Android + Mac

PS4 is still a larger install base than Switch + X1


Then unlink your PSN account from your Epic account (takes a few days), then link your Xbox and Switch account to it. Isn't that much better? You can play on your Switch and your beloved Xbox One X...

The 10th Rider9d ago


From the reports I've heard unlinking your account doesn't work, you still can't use that account on Switch or Xbox.

Sirk7x9d ago

There's cross saves as well, meaning you can log in on Xbox, PC, Switch, mobile, and still play with your account across any device. Link your account to a PS4, and you can't use that account on any other device.

kreate8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No one really cares about cross play on the ps4 except Xbox fanboys.

This is not a feature playstation gamers asked for nor do they care.

THC CELL8d ago

Play on go lol get a vita or xperia

Septic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


"if you want to play it on the go get a cheap Vita.... Want a bigger screen? Play it on a Sony tablet"

LOL! This is Mattrick level deflection. Should I now buy a vita or Sony Tablet to play this? The logic is amazing.

I want to play it on my Nintendo Switch. And unlinking doesn't work like you suggest. Sony is basically holding your Epic account hostage.

How is anyone defending this nonsense? And with such poor defences too.

akbennyewu8d ago

@thorstein, congratulations on having the simplest, dimmest mind on here with your inability to see how it may be beneficial to play on the switch. Way to go dumb dumb.

Kribwalker8d ago


that spin. “don’t have crossplay just buy a vita,” so you can remote play a competitive online shooter where lag hurts

septic was right. That has all the levels of spin of the “don’t have internet? buy a 360” 🤣


so do you finally believe its sony holding it back or are you still needing more evidence?

mochachino8d ago

Really, going to be that much of a fanboy that you defend practices designed to limit your gaming freedom? Why?

subtenko8d ago

Fortnite is on mobile, so you can play it on the go without a nintendo switch

morganfell8d ago

"Why didn’t anyone warn us not to play Fortnite on PS4?"

Well, you are polygon, puppet liars of the internet gaming world an no PS4 gamer in their right mind would ever consider doing you a favor, talking to you directly like a human being, or be concerned if you were inconvenienced/fired/disbanded or simply disappeared off the face of the earth.

Kribwalker8d ago


“Polygon launches out of the box with backers in Geico, Sony, and Unilever. They hope to attract more of those kind of sponsors going forward”

I think sony might care, seeing as they were a backer of polygon since the beginning 😉

thisismyaccount8d ago

playing on the switch via hotspot? thru your smarthpone or free wifi?! networks ... ; stop that agenda/narrative already ... "playing on the go" makes every game better! /doh

Realms8d ago

Hey num nuts how about you read the terms of service don't link accounts and you will be fine. As far as cross play all the same xbox fanboys crying about this like they even play Fortnite on the PS4. Please septic we know you barely play on the PS4 so your crying can go on deaf ears. Nice try I don't believe for a second you play Fortnite on the PS4.

RememberThe3578d ago

I'm confused. Why is it Sony's fault that Epic is locking you out? Are we making the assumption that Sony is making Epic do it or was there an article I missed?

I'm not on the cross play bandwagon but this makes zero sense to me. Sony's not losing any control of their network by letting third party accounts for games. Am I locked out of my EA or Uplay accounts when I play on other consoles? This is a completely senseless problem for players to run into, I know I'd be pissed if I had spent money in this game and third party console makers are dictating what content I can access. Frankly, if Sony is really doing this, Epic should just remove the game from the system.

XisThatKid7d ago

I can do that on cell phones now sooo

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CorndogBurglar9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@ Q2053

What if you are going on vacation or visiting family, or going to a friend's house? All of which have internet?

Then you would be playing it on the go, wouldn't you?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Stop trying to be negative for the sake of it.

noelo8d ago

Stop whining! You're going to a friends house? Easy, carry your PS4 in a backpack, it is not that big! If you want to play games that bad during a vacation then that's the sacrifice you have to make. When I go on vacation I leave behind all the gaming hardware, it is ME TIME for relaxing (that's what vacation means). I can resume playing when I come back fully rested from my vacation.

thisismyaccount8d ago

How about leaving your addiction at home? And lets say . .. hmm socialize a bit with your buddies/relatives instead of gaming 24/7? PS4 is not heavy at all, most likely your friends/family already have own anyway ...

If i go on vacation is to relax and for sure not to play 24/7 on the "GO". And i have literally a 6km ong fucking beach in front of my home at like 70m .... you thinkim going to waste my time at home during summer?

CorndogBurglar8d ago

@ noel and thisismyaccount

What are you guys even talking about? Did you even see the comment I was replying to?

Q2053 asked how you play a multiplayer only game on the Switch with no internet. He said that simply because someone said they wanted to play Fortnite "on the go".

I gave examples of how one would play Fortnite on their Switch when they are "on the go". I didn't even mention anything about what you guys are talking about. And if you thi k that no one would want to take their Switch with them places to play games then you are completely insane.

But regardless, try to keep up with what's going on around you. Your comments were idiotic replies to what I said and made nosense.

shuvam099d ago

I'm not sure, but was it possible between XBox and PS4???
If not, then we should have seen this coming...
Personally I don't want this, but Sony should just get out of their heads and just enable cross plat multiplayer...
Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good...

Uken129d ago

How can you even defend this. I should be able to play my account on any system I own.

RedDeadLB9d ago

Sounds more like a game issue, not a console issue

Cueil9d ago

Nope they had PSN and Xbox players together it was huge news

Thatguy-3109d ago

the title to this article is stupid. im sure Sony stated no crossplatform support countless of times. Are we really going to get these fake reactions of not knowing to try and proof a point?

Cobra9518d ago

This is not about cross-platform play. This is about having your account and your progress (like acquired or purchased items) locked out of the Switch, if you made the mistake of linking your Epic account to your PSN account. Once that happens, there is no way back, even if you unlink the accounts. That's right, this affects more than just PS4 players. It affects PC players who made this mistake. I'll make sure to never link my PC accounts to PSN. Someone else learned that lesson for me.

xRacer74x8d ago

Blasphemy, Sony can do No wrong according to N4G.

Christopher8d ago

It's not a good look for Epic either, who developed, designed, and knew that your accounts would be locked to PSN by using PSN and never told you.

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Reaprr9d ago

Oh Snap.
Maybe this is what it'll take. .

gamer78049d ago

This anticonsumer stance on crossplay sony has is going to come back and bite them soon.

SuperSonic918d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Anti consumer my arse!

Suddenly you die hard Nintendo and Xbox loyalist wanna play with PS4?!!!

Suddenly you PS4 haters wanna be friendly???

You made your choice of platform so why not play there and stop bitching about the PS4.

What a bunch of hyper hypocrites!

You guys are sickos.

NatFanBoyRestricted8d ago

Sonics not smart enough to think maybe some people own multiple platforms. His fanboy thought process thinks people are locked into owning only one platform.

Neonridr8d ago

@SuperSonic91 - the point is, if I somehow linked my Epic account from my PC to my PS4 I am now screwed because Sony is holding that account and not allowing me to use it elsewhere. How is that ok to you guys? Jesus, stop drinking the koolaid.

jojo3198d ago

@supersonic91 You're completely missing the point of the article. I have racked up TONS of hours and gear on PS4. I was excited to see it come to switch so I could play on my other TV or in bed. The article isn't about crossplay AT ALL. It's ablut the fact that simply by having played ONCE on your PS4, that account can no longer be used. So if I want to play on my Switch, I had to set up another account with a different email, and start from scratch. For the record, the game is unplayable on the Vita as the buttons are mapped to the back touch pad.

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Majin-vegeta9d ago

I dont see the big problem...its like BF4 doesnt allow you to you to take your xbox account and play it on PS4.

Magnetar9d ago

Someday they might and I’d really like that. I’ve bought console and pc versions of multiple battlefields, it’d be great if I didn’t have to unlock everything twice.

Ofai9d ago

This would be awesome if all developers did this. Ive got The Division on PS4 (Launch) PC and now X1 through the game pass. Wish i could keep all the progress ive made on the PC version of the game across the others.

Sunny_D9d ago

It’s not the PSN account that’s being used here. It’s the fortnite account. So if you at anytime played it/made it? on PS4, you are blocked entirely from using it on any other platforms.

fathertime44649d ago

Well Sony does not allow cross play! Apparently your overlords feel that that includes youraccounts. To bad so sad.

Sunny_D9d ago


Dude, how do you not see the problem here? It’s not crossplay that’s being blocked. It’s your entire account with everything you’ve earned and bought that’s being blocked. So if you decided to play on PS4 at home and then wanted to play on the go on the switch you can’t bring everything you earn which is terrible. How are you calling anyone overlord, when the very thing Sony is doing is an example of being an overlord?

Brazz9d ago

Prety sure you can use 1 single account to play on pc/psn.

yomfweeee8d ago

And just think about what you are saying. if it is an account maintained by Epic/Fortnite, how in the world are they blaming Sony?

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Segata9d ago

Sony has no crossplay on PS4.Sony fans. I see no problem. PS5 Sony announced Crossplay. Sony fans: Sony always for the gamers!

Majin-vegeta9d ago

Yea thats why i can play against PC players on SF5 right?

zekk9d ago

Xbox refused to allow crossplay with ps3 last gen. I don't see the difference

badz1499d ago (Edited 9d ago )


Sony has no crossplay with ONLY "Xbone and Switch" - 2 of the devices with the lowest player count around.

THERE, corrected it for you! Fortnite crossplay with PC just fine on PS4.

and do check your fact before spreading BS next time please! the PS4 has more crossplay games than xbone and switch combined!

Chaosdreams9d ago

Sony is going to want to address this.

generic-user-name8d ago

This is on Epic, it's their game, they should have made this clear.

Sunny_D8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

"This is on Epic, it's their game, they should have made this clear."

Either way, why would Sony want to block an entire account from being used anywhere else? That's like if Sony only allowed your PSN account to be used on one PS4 and couldn't be used on another PS4. It's terrible.

gangsta_red9d ago

"Epic Games itself provides a detailed FAQ about cross-platform play which indicates that the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the game won’t be able to interact, but nowhere does it say that playing the PlayStation 4 version at all means you can’t use your main account or any of the items you’ve purchased on the Nintendo Switch."

fathertime44649d ago

No cross play means no cross play dude. You get what you get, ps4 specific servers along with specific accounts. Enjoy homie

Goldby9d ago

Epic and psn linked and you don't need to worry about losing progress between the two.

Also last time I checked the Switch doesn't have built in internet so playing fortnite "on the go" isn't really possible without WiFi. So I don't see this being an issue, if there's WiFi most likely you are at home or someone house, just play it on a console or pc for best quality

Aenea9d ago

There are no PS4 specific servers homie! PS4 users can crossplay with iOS, Android when it comes out, Windows and Mac users just not with Swich and X1

DaMist8d ago

@Goldby I use my mobile Hotspot for on the go gaming for myself and my kids, plus pretty much everywhere you go there's free wifi.

AspiringProGenji9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Blizzard does not allow cosmetics or purchases to cross over other platforms despite using the same account. I know because all my cool stuff is on PC and I had to start from 0 on PC. Not every game or developers let’s you do this. Only game I’ve heard that allows this is Paladins

Not defending Sony but Inam just curious what other games let you do this

Sirk7x9d ago

Fortnite does, and it's the biggest game in the world right now. Their model is going to change the industry. Why do you think every game imaginable is putting in a Battle Royale mode now? Fortnite introducing crossplay and cross saves to millions and millions of players means that gamers are going to start demanding it from other games very shortly. Expect to see shifts very soon.