It’s time PlayStation adopts cross-platform play with Xbox and Nintendo

App Trigger: "The PlayStation platform is locking players out of their Epic Fortnite accounts on other platforms and Sony has entered a crossroads: adapt or be left behind."

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PhoenixUp156d ago

PlayStation featured cross platform play before Xbox & Nintendo since 2002

MuddyWaters156d ago

For a company who does not currently do backwards compatibility they sure are backwards.

IamTylerDurden1156d ago

They had backwards comparability and pushed for Xbox crossplay last gen while Microsoft declined it. Short memory huh?

Septic156d ago

They had backwards compatibility then removed it last gen you mean.

They 'pushed' for Xbox crossplay last gen? Which alternate dimension did this happen in?

Anyone defending this to this know what, your comments are there for all to see. For all the noise and whinging against EA and the like, the same people pipe up in defence of Sony about this is ridiculous.

JaguarEvolved156d ago

It's time people buy a ps4 to play with ps4 gamers the best console available this generation

SuperSonic91156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Leve us alone autistic screeching soy boys!

PS4 and PC crossplay has been a thing since launch - the two most dominant platforms today. So mind your own platforms. We are doing good so no thak you.

You guys are so desperate to demonized PS4.


twiggytree12156d ago


PS3 removed backwards compatibility because people said they didn't want it and it made the console cost too much. Now fanboys like you claim it's an essential feature, even though you sang a different tune last generation.

tontontam0156d ago

xbox has backward compatibility yet they will be selling the tales of vesperia remaster, and xbox fanboy hypocrites will buy it.

TekoIie156d ago (Edited 156d ago )


"because people said they didn't want it and it made the console cost too much."

Probably doesn't help that they had a grossly overpriced system at the time, and that they completely botched the feature initially. Its clear that Sony messed up when it came to the PS3s architecture and that is what holds back the PS4 from getting BC.

NatFanBoyRestricted156d ago

These fanboys find it really hard to understand that XBL was a paid service on 360 while online was free for PS3. MS didn't think it was fair for their consumers then. Now PSN is a paid service, it's more reasonable. But this is N4G, where fanboys and agendas circle jerk. Stop by PS4 reddit and checkout the top current posts.

twiggytree12156d ago

"Probably doesn't help that they had a grossly overpriced system at the time, and that they completely botched the feature initially."

Every console has it's issues to iron out after launch, I don't really understand your point there... Price was definitely an issue for sure; but the fact remains that BC PS3's are still the greatest functioning example of BC and xbox fanboys said it wasn't a necessary feature.

"Its clear that Sony messed up when it came to the PS3s architecture and that is what holds back the PS4 from getting BC."

They didn't mess up here, why would they plan for BC again when they caught so much heat for it the last generation? The problem is people don't care about it unless the competition doesn't have it, then it's a big deal. At the end of the day BC doesn't matter, if people care enough to keep their old games they would keep the system that plays them as well.

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PhoenixUp156d ago

What dafuq does that article disprove? Sony has still offered cross platform play since PS2, that’s a fact.

ZaWarudo156d ago

So what's the problem now? they also still support crossplay with PC. Why block off consoles?

gangsta_red156d ago

That's about as far as their logic goes.

MikePWV156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Is that the best information you could find from doing a google search? Apparently you can't even read the title where it says "It’s time PlayStation adopts cross-platform play with Xbox and Nintendo". How many of those games from that list you found support SWITCH/XBOX? Like one game

Alucard_420155d ago

@ZaWarudo Sony's main competition is consoles not PC's so why make cross play a thing and take a gamble to lose player base on some games as they are cross play. Honestly I would always play on my switch but I accept that is the choice that is made. Since the Xbox it always has been play on your own console with that only network. Still till today people forget that MS said no at the start of the generation. This is a PR move by MS to use this against SONY, people are buying into it. I don't see apple and MS join as a team to make universal OS for PC and MAC why not jump on that bandwagon to force them to merge???

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Segata156d ago

Explain why my Epic account is now locked to PS4? Thanks Sony.

MrBeatdown156d ago

You could try asking Epic. Seeing as how they had to agree to Sony's terms in the first place for any of this to happen, they might know.

ceooflhm156d ago

Because you agreed to TOS. Epic is just blaming Sony to force crossplay plain and simple.

KwietStorm156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

How many times are you guys going to keep repeating this stupidness? This is about cross-play between current consoles, not PS3 cross-play with PC. You are getting no benefit out of PlayStation being closed-minded about this, and neither is the industry. Yes yes we know, PlayStation has all the best games. It has nothing to do with championing bad decisions. There is no reason AT ALL to block cross-play with other platforms. You'd think with the dominance they have in the market, they would go full on goodwill with everything else and really nail down their position, beyond the current cycle..

No game pass, no backward compatibility, no EA access, no pro controller because it would make the playing field uneven, yet they license not 1, not 2, but 3 pro controllers, no cross-play because..reasons. Why are you ok with them making decisions for you? Why is it so standard around here to defend everything these corporations do, on both sides, instead of using your head? It's ok to point out the areas they need to improve in. I promise you it's ok.

Prettygoodgamer156d ago

We aren't missing out of anything from no cross play either .....It's not like servers are empty.


I think it has to do with the closed nature of psn, xbox live, switch. Is it only an issue if you can't crossplay with ps4? How's that PUBG crossplatform play? What about other "exclusives" like titanfall? PS4 has more cross platform games than xbox one. Even the PS3 has more cross platform games than xbox one. What crossplay with ea access? Only an issue if xbox can't play with ps4 otherwise it's not a big deal right.

The 10th Rider156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

So if that's such a great thing, why did they stop? You can't say praise them for attempts for crossplay in the past while simultaneously trying to defend them for trying to block it in the here and now . . . that's just hypocritical and ridiculous.

Yetter156d ago

great. so what's their excuse now?

deafdani156d ago

That was then. This is now.

neutralgamer1992156d ago

Simple answer NO

Complicated answer because ps fans don't care nor want it against Xbox

Ps4 offers cross play with pc so 2 of the most popular do have cross play

Xbox can do cross play wiry otters we don't want it on ps4

Thank you for the offer though

TekoIie156d ago

As a PC games I would much rather crossplay with mobile, Switch and Xbox One than just PS4. More platforms for me to interact with. Especially with a game like fortnite where I'm likely to get better matchmaking that way because I'm playing with the larger player pool.

Thank you for the offer though.

neutralgamer1992156d ago

Yeah I don't think you will have a problem finding players in fortnite so use a better example than that

Still not gonna happen ps4 keeps outselling the competition meaning this feature, ganepass, Ea access and BC aren't important enough to make a difference. These are all nice to have as complimentary features but can't be the only features

TomatoDragon156d ago

Don’t know what’s with the downvotes. It’s true.

156d ago
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Kribwalker156d ago

It’s Really time for them to put their money where their mouth is.....#4theplayers......this isn’t for them. Give people the choice, just like something like EA Access, it’s better to be given a choice then to be told that you don’t need want it. Especially those that have invested a lot of time and money into it.

DarkVoyager156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

I was going to agree until I read EA Access. We don’t need 3rd party subscription services on consoles. The only subscription service I like is Gamepass.

Kribwalker156d ago

but being given the choice for it wouldn’t be so bad

DarkVoyager156d ago

You have too many 3rd party services and you’ll have to subscribe to all of them just to play games from each publisher and that’s not something I want. Now a service like Gamepass is great.

Septic156d ago

It's a choice. How is that bad? Taking that choice away is hardly fair.

156d ago
DarkVoyager156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

“It's a choice. How is that bad? Taking that choice away is hardly fair.“

Let’s say multiple publishers launch game services on console and they lock their games to their service.

That means if you want to play all these games you’ll be forced to subscribe to each and everyone of them.

That’s no longer a choice.

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SuperSonic91156d ago

We have a choice not to play with Nintendo and Xbox gamers please respect that.

Kribwalker156d ago

I have the choice to not play with nintendo/mobile or PC gamers too, but i also have the choice to play with them. See, choices are great

TallonIV156d ago

And you didn't make that choice, Sony made it for you so it was never YOUR CHOICE.

Stop defending sony like a diehard fanboy.

MrBeatdown156d ago

People have a choice. Buy what Sony is selling or don't.

If crossplay, EA access and all that is what you want, choose a platform that offers it.

UCForce156d ago

How do I say this ? multiple publishers launch game services on console and they lock their games to their service. That means if you want to play all these games you’ll be forced to subscribe to each and everyone of them. That’s no longer a choice. From what i understand, you don’t need PS Plus to play F2P. For Xbox, you need Xbox Live to play F2P. See the difference ?

porkChop156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Oh, don't worry. Next gen when Sony releases the PS5 they'll be all "we're for the players", and will suddenly want cross play with MS and Nintendo. They're not doing it now because they're ahead, but next gen they'll suddenly be interested. Just watch.

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2pacalypsenow156d ago

They provide their gamers with quality games, they are for the gamers.

porkChop156d ago

Oh yeah, for sure. Severely restricting mods, blocking cross play with other consoles, locking gamers out of their Epic accounts, etc. Yeah man, that's what the players want. Absolutely, for the players.

2pacalypsenow156d ago

Yeah that’s why majority of gamers don’t buy Playstation because that’s their main concern when buying a game console, so they buy Xbox and Nintendo instead...


Rude-ro156d ago

An interest is there... the current issue is opening up through Microsoft’s client. The most prone to hack os out there.
“But the Sony hacks”... yeah! Where do you think the hacks went through?! Plus Microsoft is responsible for one of the largest hacks in history.
That is why they do not want to open up.
Microsoft os is trash when it comes to hacks and opening any door to that possibility has cost consumers and business millions.

porkChop156d ago

"the current issue is opening up through Microsoft’s client."

No. Only Minecraft required Xbox Live for Cross Play. None of the other games need it. That excuse is a bunch of crap.

IamTylerDurden1156d ago

Sony has had PC and Vita crossplay for a while.

Segata156d ago

Go play Fornite on PS4 then say goodbye to your Epic account to play the game on the other consoles. Sony locks your Epic account out of other systems. Try again Knack 2/10.

Razmiran156d ago

Knack 2/10? Now I know your opinion does not count

2pacalypsenow156d ago

Sony is not responsible for other consoles. The game works on PS4 that’s all that matters.

twiggytree12156d ago

Why play on another console if you're already playing on ps4?

KwietStorm156d ago

And that has what to do with crossplay with other consoles?

Kiwi66156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Then what's wrong with adding a few more platforms to that ?

blackblades156d ago

Don't care much for it really, I don't play online much to begin with.