Resident Evil 2 Remake PS4 Gameplay Shows the Power of Resident Evil 7's Engine

Capcom showcased some new and shiny gameplay of the Resident Evil 2 remake, powered by Resident Evil 7's engine and running on PS4.

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Platformgamer158d ago

awesome? it looks more than that!
RE4 camera and feeling helps

PhoenixUp158d ago

The RE7 engine screws up a lot of iconic Capcom characters’ faces

First with Chris Redfield, then with Dante & Nero, and finally with Leon Kennedy

zielocz3k158d ago

what are you talking about? Im a huge fan of original and i think Leon looks great in Remake.

on_line_forever158d ago

i agree with you they screws up the character faces on this remake

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PaleMoonDeath158d ago

Erm.. nah? they look the best they ever have, same goes with DMCV, they look less anime, more real. Exactly what I thought they should look like.

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Mrcorll158d ago

The game looks amazing, i really like the new look for leon, i just need to see more of Claire now.

on_line_forever158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

what the hell i just watch

this is very disappoint and wrong

and like i said before

- I don't like the face look of Leon and Claire ( the faces in resident evil : the darkside chronicless - memory of a lost city is so much better than this remake )

- I don't like the new voice of Leon and Claire and the police officer ( the original one so much better )

- I don't like all the music and soundtruck in this remake trailer ( the original one is so better and so special )

- I hope they don't ruin the zombie looks , attack and his movement ( i have feeling they will do something wrong about this )

- and the most annoying thing is the dark on all places ( the original one not all places are dark for example the police office in this remake is dark but the original there is light ) even the dark places on the original not to much dark like this one

dislike me as much as you can but after what i just watch capcoom failed to make good remake for resident evil 2

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GamesMaster1982158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Then don't buy it and stick with the stuff you do like the look of. I for one love the new look, and claire also looks way better than revelations 2 version. Also love how they say you need to be careful with ammo and best to run and try avoid conflict most the time. Excellent classic Resi and REAL ZOMBIES ! are back, not a balls to the walls action game.

on_line_forever158d ago

people are very hype now to this remake and they can not accept the fact its bad remake and capcoom failed

Geomasonic158d ago

"Dry your eyes FFS! No one gives a shit"

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