Square Enix’s Conference Sucked, But at Least Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Fun? | Twinfinite

Why Square Enix’s 2018 conference ever existed to begin with is something that gamers may never have an answer for.

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thatguyhayat154d ago

They should have shown some footage of avengers. But at least it was better EA

Kombatologist154d ago

It was not better than EA's, and I say that as someone who loathes EA. Square-Enix's conference was only thirty-or-so minutes and they didn't even show anything on the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Harkins1721154d ago

I still thought it was better. VIIR was a disappointment for not being there but expect it shown more after KH3 releases.

Elda154d ago

Of course their not going to show anything from FFVII:Remake knowing they scrapped the entire first development of the game & started fresh all over again.Folks waiting for FFVII:R will be waiting several of years before the game releases.

PhantomS42154d ago

It was never guaranteed that FF7 would even be here so that's on you for expecting it. It was also a direct style showcase so obviously, it was shorter.

Kombatologist154d ago


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sincerely.


According to Naoki Hamaguchi, the decision to move its development to in-house was made in order to control quality as well as keeping the schedule stable. That's all he said about it. We still don't know if CyberConnect2's work was entirely scrapped. That report is based on hearsay that originated from a Reddit user that claims to be a game developer in Japan. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)


Leaks not withstanding (and they were pretty bad this year), nothing is guaranteed when it comes to E3. Just like nothing is guaranteed on Christmas morning. It doesn't mean I can't hope. That's part of the magic of E3.

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PhantomS42154d ago

The showcase would have been better if they didn't have some of the games in the MS presser. Still, it got to the point with the games and didn't have go a half hour without showing gameplay and have a musician who can't do a live performance.

cooperdnizzle154d ago

Which musician couldn’t do a live performance? Inlighten us all

PhantomS42154d ago

Did you not watch Bethesda? Andrew WK was out of key the entire performance and kept hitting the wrong keys on the piano. May have been having an off day or whatever but it was a terrible performance.