The Last Of Us: Part 2 Will Have Multiplayer, Naughty Dog Confirms At E3 2018

The biggest upcoming PS4 exclusive will have multiplayer, just as its predecessor did.

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BeardedDrachen188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I wouldn't expect it not to. Coming from someone who has put in over 400 "weeks" in the game, it is one of the best MP experiences on PlayStation.

-Foxtrot188d ago

I just hope this time they take out the in game store menu and the load outs

A game where the world is about supplies and ammo being low has a multiplayer mode where you can just open a menu and buy stuff during a match. The best thing about Uncharted 2s multiplayer is that it played like the single player and that's what I want to see for the Last of Us Part II Multiplayer.

Start people off with the same shitty weapons and they have to move around the map to scavenge for supplies to upgrade their weapon or find a new, better one.

Just seem to throw me out of it people just buying body armour out of nowhere. I mean remember all the awful gimmicks they added to Uncharted 4...we need more grounded multiplayer experiences where it's about what your skill is, not what you've unlocked

BeardedDrachen188d ago

loadouts didn’t bother me. They gave the player an option to customize their characters weapons and abilities. The purchasing ability didn’t bother me either. I utilized it once when I was the last standing and I had to take on 8 ‘reinforcements’. I would have died without it.

Christopher188d ago

Do not do that BS where you add a weapon for money that gives people an advantage until others can unlock it two weeks later, though.

BeardedDrachen188d ago


What are you talking about?

Yeah, not being able to regulary unlock the DLC weapons sucked, and there were some of those that had noticeable advantages, but overall the MP was solid. There's no denying that.

VerminSC188d ago

You scavage the map for parts and use those to upgrade your weapons..just like in the single player

-Foxtrot188d ago


I meant there should be a bigger focus on it. Not find scrap I can use towards an in game menu, I want to use that scrap fully towards making more gear.

For body armour you should need the right parts, not just "click, purchase, done"

Veneno188d ago

We get what you are saying but every game, even the last of us, has to have some degree of suspension of disbelief. They have to do what is fun and rewarding, not necessarily what is hyper realistic.

VerminSC188d ago

That makes sense. So instead of just collecting parts to buy body armor you want to find the parts to create the armor? I agree on that point. I’m just saying during the single player you collect parts to upgrade weapons, and that’s how factions work. I would like it if the boxes full of parts weren’t there and instead those parts (and alcohol paper and scissors) were in draws and practical places.

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Ceaser9857361188d ago

I will pay LOU 2 multiplayer havent played LOU 1 multiplayer

Obscure_Observer188d ago

I knew it! And now GaaS is gonna be good, right?

BeardedDrachen187d ago

How did you draw that sarcastic point from these comments?

PhoenixUp188d ago

I’d expect it to

Would seem extremely odd to have a multiplayer mode in all your games since 2009 and then suddenly make one without the feature

KickSpinFilter188d ago

Ya COD never took it out either that would be odd... oh wait?

-Foxtrot188d ago

I'm really hoping this time they don't censor the blood and executions in the Europe version...why should we have to go by Germany's shitty laws.

Hopefully the UK might get out of the European Union in time so it won't affect us...I know highly unlikley with how much May keeps dicking around but you never know.

bloop188d ago

That bugs me so f*cking much. Good for the UK if you can get that over turned by leaving the EU. Us schmucks in Ireland will have to keep in line with Merkle and her cronies forever on everything unless we can get someone that isn't a complete pussy into power.

Knushwood Butt188d ago

I vote for the choice.

I think the Japanese version cut them too, but I don't feel I missed out on anything.

I like how in Japan there are 2 versions of Resident Evil 7, although I did opt for the grotesque version.

ziggurcat188d ago

As long as its separate, I'm fine with that.

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