PS4 Exclusive Concrete Genie Finally Shows New and Charming Gameplay

Sony's first-party team Pixelopus has showcased some really beautiful and colorful gameplay of its upcoming PS4 exclusive Concrete Genie.

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gamerzero104d ago

Looks chill, should be fun.

morganfell104d ago

First announced in 2017. Hoping its soon.

Relientk77104d ago

I love how artistic and unique this game is

Duke_Mason_MD104d ago

So you paint on walls and then what? Do your creations come to life and help you? IS your goal just to paint on every building? Sorry, I had it on mute, so I don't know if this was explained or not but I'm not understanding what the purpose is for this game.

luckytrouble104d ago

How could you watch this without the commentary? That's where literally all the information is at. Concrete Genie is a game about a fishing village that has undergone some kind of environmental disaster. Your goal is to basically paint the town and destroy the darkness on many of the walls, with lights above the walls signifying completion of a small section. The game is organized into levels where you need to complete the zones, done by painting the walls. There are puzzles and the like organized around making specific creatures, avoiding bullies, etc.

Knushwood Butt104d ago

Looks great. First time I have heard about this.