Is Days Gone going to flop?

Days Gone has been riding the hype train since it was first revealed in 2016, but the latest gameplay reveals have been spectacularly lacklustre. What have they shown us, and is the hype still real?

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thorstein4d ago

Me too! A better title might have been: "Is Days Gone the Next Title Journalists will Unequivocally Hate for No Reason?"

Sounds like this is the build up for so many other games that received unmitigated hate.

Prettygoodgamer4d ago

It seems to happen with every Sony exclusive, "GOW has It changed too much" "horizon zero dawn, will it live up to the hype" the "journalists" won't be happy until one of the ps4 exclusives is a dud. Then on the other hand you get things like "Xbox is selling like crap but does it actually matter" or "state of decay 2 is a buggy mess but that doesn't matter" "sea of thieves has no one playing it anymore but it doesn't matter".

It almost seems like the "journalists" are trying to get tides to turn by force and it just isn't happening for them.

BiggerBoss4d ago

Days Gone looks pretty bad ass to me, personally.

It might not be day-one, but I definitely intend on buying it, especially after the last trailer.

morganfell4d ago


Perfect. I was adding them to my Host File Block and I look at the title of the website that wrote this absurd article and first read Try Trolling. Days Gone is Day One.

Chevalier4d ago

I'm going to say DAYs gONE. So Day One comes right out of Days Gone, it was just meant to be. It will be an early birthday gift to myself.

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StormSnooper4d ago

How has it been lackluster. It’s amazing

Ceaser98573614d ago

I am not expecting DAYS GONE to be LOU GOW UC 4 success but the Game will do well in Detroit level may be AND i am getting it day one

SmielmaN4d ago

I’m buying this too. I was sold when I saw the zombie animals and I was already pumped for the zombie hordes World war Z style.

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Thatguy-3105d ago

Unless it reviews terribly then I don't see it being successful commercially. If it's able to get at least an 80+ on Metacritic then it should be good. Just look at how successful Detroit was. I think it'll hold it's own with all the competition in Feb.

ShottyatLaw5d ago

You've got Anthem and Metro that same day. Meta critic won't help DG from taking a big hit. They should move it. I suspect Metro might slip, though (also smart).

Thatguy-3105d ago (Edited 5d ago )

metro was never a huge franchise and anthem still needs to prove itself from the mass effect failure that tainted the bioware name.

Jinger4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


I get that Andromeda was a mess up, but that was by a different team within Bioware. The team working on Anthem is mostly the team who worked on ME1-3 so there is a little more faith, at least for me.

DVAcme4d ago

@Thatguy-310 100% agreed. I ADORE the Metro series, but it's not a blockbuster series by any stretch (although this might be the game that gets it there), and after that terrible showing at EA's conference this year, I have very little faith in Anthem. Hell, that game looked so undercooked that I predict it'll either be as broken at release as Mass Effect Andromeda or worse. That, or it'll get delayed. What I do know is that, of those three, Days Gone is DEFINITELY the game that looks the most complete and ready for launch.

ShottyatLaw4d ago

I agree that Metro doesn't have a huge following, even though it's a great series that should get more sales. That's why they should move Metro. Although they will run up against Division 2 in March, so I'm not sure where it'll fall.

You're underestimating the advertising push that Anthem will get to the masses. It will be everywhere. Most gamers are going to see Destiny meets Ironman and be sold.

Days Gone is already being criticized (perhaps unfairly) for not standing out from the crowd. Right now, it's set to release next to the big new IP from the industry's biggest publisher, as well as a new entry in a critically acclaimed action series.

That's an uphill battle that Sony could avoid by moving the date. For the devs' sake, I hope they do.

UCForce4d ago

@Jinger But it’s still Bioware fault and a lot of people said Anthem just like Destiny. And Anthem is still publishing by EA and I know EA will find a way to screw people off. And that EA CEO is ignorant.

Shiken4d ago

I am choosing Days Gone over both Metro and Anthem. It just seems like the better game to me and I am stoked to play it.

Never could get into Metro, but I will be watching Anthem after it has been out for a bit. Being published by EA has me very cautious when it comes to that game and if they messed it up like they have with other games, I will give Anthem a hard pass.

I know I am not the only one who sees it that way either.

shinoff21834d ago

Anthem eh, metro I hear is good but I couldn't get into them. I'd give it another shot though with the ps4 double pack that released. Days gone imo looks absolutely fantastic I think it'll be alright

Omegasyde4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Anthem is going to be the first big flop of 2019. Mark my words.

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ABizzel15d ago

I don’t think it will flop, I suspect 2 million lifetime sales, but they have some work to do, or need countless amazing moments in this game.

Baza4d ago

2-3million sounds about right. My biggest concern is repetitive gamplay.

5d ago
crazychris41245d ago

Looks like its going to be a love it or hate it game. Probably won't get universal praise like Uncharted or God of War.

GamingSinceForever4d ago

98% of games don’t get that type of praise.

OB1Biker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The game is not for everyone and I'm cool with that.
I bet a lot of people will find it too hard, because of the focus needed, to play casually.

Eonjay4d ago

NO game is for everyone.

UCForce4d ago

But it will be solid foundation for Bend Studio.