Days Gone Looks Great and Brutal in Ten Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased some lovely PS4 gameplay of Bend Studios' open-world game Days Gone.

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jobboy187d ago

i really hope this game will be fine, but framerate in this game is damn terrible though! absolutely a top tier thing devs need to care of !!!

UCForce186d ago

It’s look more polished than alpha footage from GameInformer.

jobboy186d ago

well i'll wait for the DF analysis and check out how that compare to that previous demo

luckytrouble186d ago

So you're saying they haven't totally smoothed out the frame rate with over 8 months until release? Whatever will they do?

DerekFlint007186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

In the above gameplay video link, game director John Garvin mentions that they already have the game at a locked 30fps -- around the 45 sec mark on the youtube vid above. To me, the game looks fantastic and i can see big improvements over the recent Game informer footage, plus they have over seven months to polish the game.

ABizzel1186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I just feel like this game is just unnecessary for Sony, and this is one of the few times they should have stepped in and put the developer on a new path.

From everything I've seen it's just not up to par with the talent from all of Sony's other teams. Days Gone feels like an early PS3 game remastered for PS4, but competing with the best of the PS4. Ghost of T looks much better, Spider-Man looked much better,and The Last of Us and Death Stranding look significantly better. Even current and older games look better like God of War, Horizon, Uncharted, inFamous Second Son, Bloodborne, and more.

I was excited for this game during its first reveal, because of the hordes of Zombies so I instantly thought a World War Z style Zombie game by PlayStation count me in. But the more I see of it, the more meh it looks.

There are some solid ideas, but it's just rough around the edges from fps to animations compared to the other best of PlayStation. And it's in a genre that over saturated with Resident Evil 2 Remake, Dead Rising, Dying Light 2, State of Decay 2, and even Sony's own The Last of Us Part 2 (not zombies, but infected) all being Zombie influenced and all look better except SoD.

I think the game will sell well over 2 million copies lifetime, but reviews will be average.

UCForce186d ago

Sure, I don’t think the game going to be critical acclaim like The Last of Us and God of War, but it will be solid foundation for Bend Studio.

dreue186d ago

Well im really. Loominf forward to this game.... So what ever... It is better more games than none... Also this game does look good

Roronoa0411186d ago

Why compare it to other first party games.. it seems Sony is only competing with themselves when it comes to graphics. I think this game looks much better than most 3rd party open world games. I also can’t think of any other game that comes close to this graphic fidelity with 800 zombies on screen at the same time. That’s including first party.

OB1Biker186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

'I just feel like this game is just unnecessary for Sony,
Thats more or less the point your Tryng to make here.

I don't care whether the game is' necessary'.
Even how much money it makes etc
Not even discussing it. You should take a minute and realise how wrong you are
'it's good for gamers' in ABizzel fashion?

OB1Biker186d ago

On a side note the games you listed shows you don't get it.
I.m not interested in most of them. Even in TLOU II I'm waiting to know more of where the story is going. Yes it's about story and characters. I wouldn't care less if freakers are aliens or nasty bunnies. That's not what the game is about.

shinoff2183186d ago

This game looks awesome as hell. Step back and do some soul searching, come back and realize this game maybe just ain't for you. Others Myself INCLUDED Are REALLY Hyped for this game

mkis007186d ago

I kinda see where you're coming from, but I diverge from you a bit. I think there is plenty of room for this game. I do hope there's more gameplay elements that haven't been divulged, but at this point I think a single-player based open world survival game is past due at this point.

I think the graphics are perfectly good for bend, I just wish there was some base building aspect to it. I expect it at this point to get a meta score around 75...and that's not terrible for bends first big game in a long time.

ABizzel1186d ago


I just feel they should have gone with a completely different theme. Anything but zombies so the game could stand out in concept from every other Zombie game. I just feel it’s the weakest showing of Sony’s upcoming exclusives. I look at The Last of Us, Ghost of T, and Spider-Man and Days Gone just isn’t in the same quality of what was showed from those games. I don’t think it’ll be a bad game just not amazing.

Because Sony IS only competing with Sony 😂

Like you said I’m all for more games, and I’m not saying they should cancel the game, I just feel they could have made something much more original or unique. There’s diversity among the type of games Sony’s first party makes, and Days Gone IMO just doesn’t stand up to the rest based on watching multiple previews and dev diaries.

I feel Sony Bend could have really set themselves up to blow us away with something original or unique. After seeing Days Gone id rather they had made a sequel to Resistance, Remastered Lengend of Dragoon, or something.

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shinoff2183186d ago

It's still git plenty of time to get polished up, it'll be fine and it looks dope as hell

UCForce186d ago

Sure, we can wait for Digital Foundry. But like I said, they did improve it. So they have plenty of times to fix it.

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firelogic187d ago

It doesn't look brutal at all. Enemies are being killed with a shotgun and there's no blood or gore. They just fly back with zero damage indication. Enemies are getting bashed with a bat and there's no blood or gore. They just crumple. TLoU2's demo showed what brutality is. Considering the theme of the game, it's disappointingly tame. Even the stealth kills are pg-13 level. Is it a T-rated game? If it is, it would make sense.

luckytrouble186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

They likely just turned the gore off for the live stream, or at least toned it down. Pretty much every violent game anymore has the option to turn off blood.

doggo84186d ago

already runs much better than SOD 2 and days gone is still 8 months from release.

186d ago
Frinker186d ago

This game is gonna bomb real bad

UCForce186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Even if it is going to fail, can you please let them finish the game ? From what I seen, the game is more polished than alpha footage from game Informer. So they still have time.

salmonade186d ago

No way. Easily will sell at least a million in it's first week or 2.

shinoff2183186d ago

Sure thing buddy keep dreaming.

LoveSpuds186d ago

Well I will be purchasing it, I feel the game is showing huge potential and the still have 8 months of development time left.

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