Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person RPG, not a FPS; More Gameplay and Story Details Revealed

After revealing the trailer at Microsoft’s press conference, CDPR have revealed more info about their highly anticipated title, Cyberpunk 2077, in an interview with Gamespot.

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BlahBlahWhatever182d ago

What?! first person? yuck.. instant pass.

N4Gwarrior181d ago

FP is pretty immersive though. Wonder why you hate it.

TheCommentator181d ago

I like that it makes it feel like you are the character and not just playing as one.

CJQNSNYC181d ago

For me, a role playing game just doesn't work when the only thing you see are a pair of hands. The play style is in direct opposition of what an rpg is. Creating a character and customizing it makes very little sense from this perspective. Fans of first person will enjoy this game. Speaking as a person who only plays third person games, this is indeed an instant pass for me as well.

armughan11181d ago

Guys, CDPR is indeed one of the best developers in the industry. So we might as well give them the freedom to make the game as they want. Who knows, they might make a better First person game, which might appeal to first person perspective haters too?

yeahright2181d ago

@armu Who's saying they shouldn't be allowed to make it first person? From what I see, those of us that don't like first person are simply passing on it, not calling on them to cancel the game. I also don't like multiplayer games so I passed on the division even though it looked interesting. A play style I don't like being my only option affects my enjoyment of a game.
@warrior I don't find it immersive at all. the "floating gun" has never made a game more immersive to me. In fact, it draws me out of a game. It wasn't until VR where I finally felt immersion. But on a flat screen? nah.

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Mainman181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I'll pass on this as well, not a fan of first person either. I was quite interested in this game too, still hoping it has a third person option.

yeahright2180d ago

Looks like that was the original idea but it got scrapped for first person only. YongYea covered it on youtube channel.

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PhantomS42181d ago

No loading screens sound interesting for a huge open world. Wonder what they are going to hide them behind. Wish they had shown gameplay but it looks really interesting so far.

akaFullMetal181d ago

Sweet can't wait to see more!

yeahright2181d ago

*looks at title* The complaint isn't that it's a first person shooter, it's that it's first person period.

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