Nintendo E3 Direct – Most disappointing presentation this E3

Nintendo E3 Direct concluded not long ago and… it was very disappointing. There were some good announcement but overall it was very underwhelming. It wasn’t awful by any means but it di…

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porkChop189d ago

Did you even watch the EA and Square shows?

MichaelPyre189d ago

Indeed. But I expected nothing from EA as its EA same with Square. Square announced to many games they have yet to finish to provide us enough new projects. Nintendo had most to prove. Their first year was great but it lacked 3rd party support, which I and many other hoped they will showcase this E3 they did not.

getbacktogaming188d ago

Nintendo's presentation was awesome as far as Nintendo Direct presentations go but absolutely horrible as far as E3 presentations go... I'm sure anyone already sold to Nintendo was happy with it ... The rest of us aren't any closer to wanting to buy a Switch. Horrible E3 for Nintendo.

-Foxtrot189d ago

Yeah but I mean did any one have huge expectations for EA or Square Enix

People went into this thinking "Bayonetta, Metroid Prime 4, Next years Pokemon, maybe a new spin off Zelda"...we got Smash Bros as the biggest hitter, that's it.

DwightSchrute01188d ago

I can't believe I'm agreeing with foxtrot. But your absolutely 100% right.

It was smash direct not an Nintendo direct.

DARK_FOX188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

We also got two new pokemon games..... a new mario party, a new IP, a new fire emblem and some other goodies. Nintendo said going into this they were only focusing on 2018 through early 2019 products. They said they haven't stopped working on any of the other titles which are coming and there are a lot! Also I didn't hear anyone talking about a new spin off zelda.

3-4-5188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Sony & Microsoft do one big conference a year. Nintendo does like 4-5 Nintendo Directs every year.

E3 is the main one but nearly every Direct has that much info...some more. This was for 2018 mostly.

Nintendo will give us another Direct in Oct.-Dec. and that will showcase more of what is to come in 2019.

That is where we will see those other games.

Also, Mario Party looks decent for the first time in years..Fire Emblem looks good....Daemon X Machina looks good. Pokemon Eveee & Pikachu look decent but we get a new core Pokemon game in 2019.

Yoshi will be in 2019 and we will hear more about other games as well.

DJK1NG_Gaming189d ago

What? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best game shown this E3.

MichaelPyre189d ago

I agree. But many people hoped that Switch will overthrow Xbox One and become the second biggest system this gen and for that they need more first party games and more 3rd party games. Smash is great but its not enough to compete with other systems.

Antnee534189d ago

The games all had no dates

DJK1NG_Gaming189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

If you aren't a Switch fan or true Nintendo fan you won't like it.
Switch Summer Lineup is already filled.
I think the September Direct will give us all the Fall and Holiday titles.

MichaelPyre189d ago

Most upcoming switch games are budget and indie titles, there really aren't that many games in it's line up. Especially of triple A 3rd party games. Even if September Direct will tell us all, it doesn't change the fact that E3 direct was disappointing.

DJK1NG_Gaming188d ago

Disappointing for yall.
All I wanted to see was Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 story dlc and one new IP that was Daemon x Machina by Marvelous in Japan and published by Nintendo in the west

Blu3_Berry188d ago

EA was pretty terrible. Square Enix had no reason to do a conference. At least Nintendo was better than those two. Still it was incredibly disappointing for Nintendo. We didn't get anything we normally expected from them.

No Yoshi (and delayed), no Animal Crossing, no Metroid Prime 4, no Pikmin 4 (Miyamoto said it was nearly completed a few years ago so what gives), no Bayonetta 3, no Super Mario Odyssey DLC, no spin off Zelda.

It was very lackluster and had no "OH SH*T" moments besides Smash (which took 25 minutes to cover). They should have just said they were covering only Smash and be done with it like they did with Zelda BOTW. Would've had better expectations then.

MichaelPyre188d ago

Yeah it should be smash direct then everyone would have leveled expectations. I agree square and EA was bad but we never expect as much of them as of Nintendo. So interms of disappointment, Nintendo was worse.

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