Ghost of Tsushima Will Have Character Progression; Info on UI, Gameplay, and More Revealed

During the PlayStation Live coverage from E3 2018 in Los Angeles, Ghost of Tsushima Game Director Nate Fox provided more information about the game.

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Chaosdreams5d ago

So that duel was taking place in the open world huh? I like that. With the camera movement it almost felt like it became its own bubble with the rest of the world cut off. Good to know that's not the case.

SCW19825d ago

I doubt you can run from that fight. Seems like a pretty consequential story sequence. Looked amazing

Pancit_Canton5d ago

Day 1. I need a collectors edition of samurai sword and steelbook.

Platformgamer5d ago

seems an awesome game indeed, i hope to see more engaging gameplay in future btw

elazz5d ago

I'm gonna play this without HUD. Seems it was meant for that

LoveSpuds5d ago

How on earth can you back that statement based a a 10 minute video?

Don't get me wrong, I adore Nioh but until I play Tsushima I wouldn't be able to say which I prefer. Luckily, PlayStation gamers don't have to choose, we get to play both of these fantastically promising games.

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AcidDvl5d ago

Sure. But keep in mind that we're talking about two very different games.

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