Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Single-Player Focused, No Multiplayer Planned

One of the biggest announcements of Microsoft’s E3 conference was From Software’s new game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Twinfinite has been told that it will be single-player focused, with no multiplayer planned.

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Osito182d ago

Aw, man. I'm not too fond of games that don't at least offer some sort of multiplayer gameplay. If even something that just allows a bit of co-op, ya know? I like playing with friends more than I do alone.

Palitera181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Mostly, I don't care about the lack of MP modes, since they're usually poorly done.

But in a Soulsborne game?

Oh, it's not a Soulsborne game. But it could be...
A Soulsbornekiro.

Well, they didn't plan for DLC in Dark Souls and still did it. So there's a little hope for at least some kind of the interactions From Software brought us in the past.

mandingo181d ago

Yea but this is single player experience I’d rather they put more resources into the single player than waste time tacking on MP.

wesleyleblanc181d ago

I'm actually very okay with this. I'm about halfway through Dark Souls Remastered and I switched covenants. The covenant most start with drastically lowers the chances that your game is invaded by another player. Now that I'm not longer a part of that covenant, I'm being invaded more and more often.

Two days ago, I was making my way back to a bonfire after a tumultuous grind...I'm talking over 30,000 souls. I died in a very silly way. No problem. Just go and retrieve them right? Wrong. My dropped souls were in sight. I was seconds away from making that recover then BOOM, dead. Invaded by another player who ruined any and all chances I had at retrieving those 30,000 souls.

With no multiplayer, this never would have happened and I never would have felt the eternal rage I felt that day, and still feel today. Hearing that there won't be any multiplayer in Sekiro has me excited that I can simply focus on my game, without worry of someone else coming in and messing everything up.

Thank you, From Software.

Blu3_Berry181d ago

A bit disappointing but I'm ok with it. I only say it's disappointing because me and my friend love playing through the souls and bloodborne games together. Granted, I always beat it completely on my own the very first through so the first time experience won't be any different for me. But still, sucks I won't be able to experience any jolly cooperation.

Regardless, one of my most anticipated games of 2019.

ZombieKiller181d ago

I would love to see a co-op game like this though! I'll be picking this one up for sure either way!

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The story is too old to be commented.