Days Gone Will Punish Players For Using Excessive Ammo

Players will have to think twice before going up against enemies.

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xRacer74x155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Well that is about the dumbest thing i have heard in long time from a video game. Lets punish people in Mario Odyssey for jumping to much or Hey you used the gas pedal to much in the last race Forza fans. You do not force people to play your game one way you allow them to choose how they get thru areas.

PoopsMcGee155d ago

Huh? That's horrible logic and your comparisons are moot because ammo is limited to some degree in almost every shooting game, unlike gas or jumping in said games.

Are you suggesting that every game should have unlimited ammo?

Atticus_finch155d ago

Your logic is flawed at best.

morganfell155d ago

You are comparing Days Gone to an Xbox game HA HA HA HA HA HA

BlaqMagiq1155d ago

If you actually read the article you would see how they punish you for doing it and realize it's actually fair and makes sense. Instead you bypassed that and used some of the worst logic I've ever seen.

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Kokyu155d ago

Ugh so tired of these zombie limited ammo punish you for playing the way you want games.

Kokyu155d ago

Oh no!!! Not every game is GTA!!!!!! Crap!!!!! I dont play GTA. Not every damn zombie game haa to punish you for playing how you want.

kneon155d ago

Then don't play it. The limited ammo in games like TLOU meant they you had to actually think of how you would tackle a situation rather than just going in guns blazing.

Kokyu155d ago

It meant dick. I played tlou and shot everything I wanted. I never had to limit my shots. Ill also have any damn OP I want about the hobby I enjoy and the media in it.

shinoff2183155d ago

What a game that makes you think. Maybe the guy complaining should just go play cod or some other mindless game like it

kneon155d ago

You must have been playing on the easier modes, or you're talking about sections where you were fighting humans and so there were lots of weapons available.

pwnmaster3000155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Dude your a tool lol. Stop taking the internet so serious lol

Are you this angry in real life?

shinoff2183155d ago

Yiu could just not buy it, watch trailers of ut, and mostly not comment about it. Say what you will but me and lots of others think this looks bad ass and can't wait to play

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DVAcme155d ago

It makes sense. From what we've seen in gameplay so far, the zombies SWARM you with the quickness, so shooting someone becomes a tactical decision between a quick and easy kill vs. not attracting the swarms. I fail to see how this is a mechanic that will piss off people, especially since games like Dead Island, Dying Light or, hell, even Resident Evil 4 already had it. If you want a game where you can just slaughter every zombie in a shower of lead, go play Call of Duty.

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The story is too old to be commented.