Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch Looks Epic in First Screenshots

Nintendo released the first gallery of screenshots of its Switch-exclusive Fire Emblem game Fire Emblem: Three Houses, showing gameplay and more.

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ZoidsRaven187d ago

Could use more polish, but I can't get over how f'n glad I am to see Fire Emblem carry itself like a real war story again.
Welcome back Fire Emblem, it's truly been too long.

Servbot41187d ago

Three Houses = Three versions to sell. Just like the last games.

DivineAssault 187d ago

Its Fire Emblem. Im in & know it will be great

phoenixwing187d ago

fire emblem is really the main game i miss out on for not buying a nintendo console

Mr Marvel185d ago

FE Three Houses & Octopath Traveller are the only upcoming Switch games that I’m excited about. I’m still on the fence about Mario Tennis Aces, but apart from Tropical Freeze I haven’t bought a Switch game since Odyssey last October, so I’m just desperate for SOMETHING to play on my Switch.

Animal Crossing Switch needed!!!