Crazy Justice – A New Battle Royale Game For Nintendo Switch

With the recent announcement of Fornite coming to Nintendo Switch, there is also an indie developer who announced a new battle royale game for Nintendo Switch. Indie game developer Black Riddles Studios has announced their very own battle royale genre game Crazy Justice for Nintendo Switch.

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Zjet11d ago

Actually interested in thi as it has offline play, bots, co-op and splitscreen support.

Zeref11d ago

also this looks much better. Fortnite looks horrible on the switch. it's like they didn't even try.

Outlawzz11d ago

Lol wt did u expect to see in the graphics department ? Fortnite in general doesn't have good graphics doesn't matter which system you play on

Zeref11d ago

It runs fine but it looks horrible.

Segata11d ago

No disrespect aimed at the devs but seeing this reminds me of Cubed on Wii U before Minecraft was released. A token substitute. Just this time a day late. Maybe it's good but they should have gotten it out sooner.