Epic Shares What Platforms are Crossplay With Fortnite on Switch

Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile.

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naruga158d ago

PS4 doesnt need crossplay ...its just that simple

BiggerBoss158d ago

I agree that they don't need it, but this does make Sony look bad.

gangsta_red158d ago

Of course they don't, i keep hearing that excuse.

TallonIV158d ago

It's not about needing it.. it's about having options.

Kiwi66158d ago

Then they should stop having it with PC/Switch seeing as you say they don't need it

Zeref158d ago

Gamers want it.... and you gotta admit this doesn't make sony look good.

and even the normies are starting to get mad at this.

G3ng4r158d ago

Ps4 is the ugly kid on the playground who keeps to themself.

badz149158d ago


"Ps4 is the ugly kid on the playground who keeps to themself."

LOL keep telling yourself THAT! the PS4 is dominating the market and has the largest player base next to PC and is doing crossplay with all other platforms sans Xbone and Switch. the PS4 is the king of the field only sharing it with the best, which is PC. Xbone and the Switch are actually the ugly and poor ones, always begging to play with the king!

keep begging. if you wanna play with PS4 gamers THAT much, you should have bought the PS4 or stick with PC.

G3ng4r158d ago

You talk like a clown so I'm not surprised how silly your opinion is.

Gr8saiyaman88158d ago

Except I'm seeing my Twitter full of people complaining about PS4's lack of crossplay. Who doesn't need it exactly? PS4 players, or just Sony?

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remixx116158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

#4the....idontevenknowitkindas uckstobehonest

Edito158d ago

For the more than 80 million players lol...

Kribwalker158d ago

the best part is the cross buy and cross saves on it. Everything goes with you from PC to Xbox to switch to mobile. That’s the future of gaming everyone was talking about during their conference. Any device anywhere, play your games

Alucard_420156d ago

it is good for the guys making the games, is it good for the guys making the consoles? do I pay 60$ for XB live or 20$ for nintendo if I only play fortnite? If I am really cheap do I only play on mobile? It is nice to have cross play I just don't think financially it is good for the makers of a console.

SierraGuy158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Is this the first time Xbox and Nintendo have done this?

Why am I wondering...who cares. The kids love it on PS4.

Lennoxb63158d ago

They also crossplay for Crazy Justice if I’m not mistaken.

Kribwalker156d ago

rocket league
pinball fx3
crazy justice
ultra chess
and there are a few others as well

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gangsta_red158d ago

This will definitely make Fornite bigger and more chaotic.

2pacalypsenow158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Bigger? there's a 100 player limit that's always full.

its still gonna have the same lame ass map.

gangsta_red158d ago

Bigger, as in the users across all platforms.

2pacalypsenow158d ago

Its already big, cross play doesn't make the fanbase any bigger.

Its just another way to connect.

2pacalypsenow158d ago

Stop acting like crossplay is this huge game changing feature that will revolutionize gaming, and make more people play because it's not lol.

UnHoly_One158d ago

It doesn't make the total fanbase bigger, but it gives you access to a much larger piece of it.

What does the total fanbase matter if you can only play with 20% of them?

Bump that to 70% and all of a sudden it's a lot bigger to you, right?

This game has so many players it probably doesn't matter, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

gangsta_red158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

"Its just another way to connect."

And connect to a much wider audience and that is big.

"Stop acting like crossplay is this huge game changing..."

Wow...that escalated quickly, don't know where i said it's a huge game changing revolution but I definitely think it's a nice option for devs to have and implement if they want.

It certainly gives you a bigger player base to connect and play with than ever before and yes, a game like Fornite didn't need it but as popular as this game is now you can definitely play with whoever you like ... unless they game on PS only of course.

Uken12158d ago

It means people can play with friends more easily. If you somehow think that is a bad thing than you are dumb.

Also people aren't going to buy a system for one free game. So it is smart and allows smaller companies to create more access to their game. It is consumer friendly. It's a good thing.

badz149158d ago

LOL you really think most Switch gamers will play Fortnite? I'm pretty sure most of the don't care about it like every other 3rd party games on the damn thing!

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slate91159d ago

Crossplay the way of the future. Wherever your loyalty lies, its the way it should be. If security is in place, let the devs handle it. Bigger pops, bigger audience, and longer lifespan. Imo

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Magnetar158d ago

Can't agree more. Games with cross-play and cross-saves are the future. I'd also like to see cross platform purchases, even if it required an extra fee for the royalties owed to the other platforms.

neocores8055158d ago

Wait @ 10th rider u can use the account on PC. I use my Ps4 account on my pc all the time please dont spread miss info.

The 10th Rider158d ago


Ah, I misheard then. That's my bad. Pretty lame though that you can transfer your data to PC but not to another console.

ZombieStalker157d ago

High PC vs Switch cross play.....UNFAIR. Period!!

smda1301158d ago

It's kinda surprising that Sony is the one hesitant about crossplay rather than Nintendo

luckytrouble158d ago

Why is that surprising? Nintendo is trying to establish partnerships to do anything to triumph over the failings of the Wii U. They even went so far as to sacrifice the use of their own network with Minecraft, giving Microsoft complete control over online accessibility instead. Microsoft is trying hard to one up Sony anyway they can, which is why they're pushing so hard for crossplay this generation while they shut down prospects repeatedly last gen.

Although it would be nice if crossplay wasn't simply dictated by how successful the generation leader is, that just seems to be the way of it. A push for crossplay has developed as a method for those behind instead.

The 10th Rider158d ago

^Amazing the excuses that people come up with to try and use Microsoft's promotion of crossplay to paint them in a negative light.

luckytrouble158d ago

@The 10th Rider

Microsoft is just using crossplay for PR. It's a smart move, but it hardly makes them for the gamers. If the Xbox One was even close to PS4 sales numbers, I highly doubt we would be hearing much about crossplay this gen. It's literally just a marketing maneuver. I get it. I don't disparage Microsoft for it. The motivations and goals are just incredibly transparent.

Vasto158d ago

Microsoft are not doing anything .

Developers want crossplay and if you don't see it then you are not trying to.

luckytrouble158d ago


Developers can only get crossplay if the relevant company who owns a needed network agrees. Sony and Microsoft have both shutdown crossplay requests when they were otherwise sitting pretty in sales over the other. It isn't like third parties just magically decided they wanted crossplay this gen, but had no interest last gen. Are we going to forget Sony - Valve connectivity with Portal 2 last gen, for example?

Sometimes I forget that the average memory where gaming is concerned only goes back about six months. It seems strangely easy to overlook what happened last gen and the clear motivations behind many actions and PR moves this gen.

The 10th Rider158d ago


Why does it matter if Microsoft opposed it in the past? Either you think that was perfectly fine then and you think it's fine for Sony to oppose it now . . . or you think Microsoft was in the wrong then, in which case Sony is in the wrong now. It's purely hypocritical to attack Microsoft's past actions on the matter while defending Sony's current stance on crossplay. Also, at the very least couldn't they let you account info transfer over? That's just petty and ridiculous and I hope Epic Games addresses it.

gangsta_red158d ago

Why do people continue to use this lame excuse of MS pushing some PR for crossplay when it's third party developers who are requesting this feature?

Every time an article appears on N4G about a third party dev explaining that Sony didn't allow crossplay for their game there seems to be this notion from some that this is PR from Microsoft to try and tarnish Sony's reputation.

MS pushed for crossplay with Minecraft and succeeded with all platforms excluding PS4. That was all they were 'pushing' everything else are third party developers not associated with MS wanting this feature.

"It isn't like third parties just magically decided they wanted crossplay this gen,"

it wasn't widely available or possible last gen for a lot of developers to implement as it is easier this gen.

@The 10th Rider
Agreed, people keep saying last gen, last gen, but then they also fail to remember that Sony never offered crossplay themselves to MS.

The fact is MS has changed and they are definitely for crossplay across all platforms and now Sony isn't. If you feel MS was wrong then, then you should feel the same way now about Sony instead of making excuses.

Madmoose158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

WTF does MS have to do with ANY I love this considering that this is EPIC (and other devs) that are talking about crossplay with their games? So I guess these guys and folks like the Rocket League devs asking for it mentioning it our folks pushing from "behind" as well? Jesus Christ man, some of you will jump through shrinking flaming serrated hoops over a pit of genetically enhanced robot sharks if it meant defending your favorite box.

@ gangsta red and 10th rider

Very well said. Either both of them take share in the blame or we stop trying to laying at 1 feet. The fact of the matter is devs are pushing for this. You know, the guys who are pretty bipartisan about all this. And who's games and efforts help make BOTH of these guys consoles successful.

Sirk7x158d ago

That's a little different, considering that Microsoft also owns Minecraft.

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Immorals158d ago

Really hope Sony change their mind about crossplay. Can only be good for gaming

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ILostMyMind158d ago

They're not even thinking about it. Cross platform play will come next gen.

TheUndertaker85158d ago

Cross platform play is already here. It’s just that Sony doesn’t want to take part in many instances.

ILostMyMind158d ago

Oh yeah, of course. Sometimes i forgot to specify this. Cross Plataform Play with XBox*****