Spider-Man PS4 Villains Unmasked – Is This The Mystery Man?

Who is the mystery villain in the Spider-Man PS4 trailer? PlayStation Universe investigates.

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Majin-vegeta102d ago

Its venom if you hear closley you can hear the noise he makes

crazychris4124102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Tom Hardy so they can tie in the movie that comes out October 5th, would be my best guess

Christopher102d ago

That wouldn't make sense as Hardy's character isn't an antagonist.

Razmiran101d ago

Its not venom, he wouldnt be working with other villains

gangsta_red101d ago

They basically showed the Sinister Six with the exception of Doctor Octopus.

I'm guessing the last member is him seeing as he was the only one they didn't show but instead replaced the sixth member with Mr. Negative

DivineAssault 102d ago

It has to have Venom. The black costume is in the game so they cant just ignore such an iconic villain

MrSugarholic101d ago

I'm pretty sure they said that there wouldn't be any symbiotes in the game.

ShadowWolf712101d ago

You do know he wore a black suit made from cloth for a while after he got the symbiote off, yes?

DivineAssault 100d ago

Seriously? Oh well. Im still getting it but damn that will be a tough pill to swallow.

IRetrouk102d ago

My moneys on fisk, could also be goblin or maybe a curve ball like an alternative iron man or something lol

rdgneoz3101d ago

Fisk was in the gameplay from a while ago as a voice over the radio, might be in it physically.

ShadowWolf712101d ago

You take down Fisk in the opening of the game and he's in a regular prison.

IRetrouk100d ago

When has prison ever stopped fisk??

Razmiran101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

He is in prison

Razmiran101d ago

This seems to be pretty early in the game, however I guess it would be shocking for him to help you a couple of missions before this one and then have him betray you.
However (Even tho it could be him in a chopper) id say it has to be someone who flies or can get there fast and without making much noise, because he isnt on the rooftop during the fight

Chaosdreams102d ago

At least Spidey didn't turn into dust at the end of the demo.

Am I right? *sad laugh*

Platformgamer101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

probably it's doc octopus, or harry ousborne as the goblin...
probably the latter, because spidey seems A LOT surprised by the figure that showed out

Razmiran101d ago

Yeah, I thought about the goblin too

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The story is too old to be commented.