Cayde-6 Had to Die so Destiny 2 Could Live

So…Cayde-6 is dead. If you had any doubts about Cayde during the trailer, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor confirmed his death in an interview after Sony’s E3 conference.

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maybelovehate189d ago

Curse you Uldren.. You will pay

saniyaga189d ago

that is exactly how I feel!

Kane22189d ago

sided with uldren on this one....not all guardians are good:)

Kane22188d ago

I wasn't talking about cayde at all..i was talking about guardians who dont want to be good. that and i dont care for cayde's not attached to any character in the destiny universe..

NorthernFrost189d ago

Wow, kind of a strange way to reveal his death. A trailer seems like a lackluster place to kill a fan-favorite character, but maybe Bungie needed to symbolize their step forward from the outside.

saniyaga189d ago

Unless he dies in an early mission, and have to helplessly watch Uldren kill him. Man, that would be brutal :(

Christopher189d ago

It's to sell the game. It's marketing. Look, we can kill off a puppy! We've changed!

Godmars290188d ago

Seems in keeping with the Destiny's been done actually.

Seraphim188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

they continuously say via their streams they don't want to give too much info, that fans should experience it for themselves and they pull this? Further proof Bungie has no idea WTF they're doing with Destiny. And as if they absolutely had to kill Cayde to keep D2 going? Lack of creativity anyone? I'm a bit pissed personally. Cayde was awesome!! Why not kill Zavala instead? I mean does anyone truly enjoy or like his blue, awoken ass?

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DevilishSix189d ago

Bungie go ahead and nail your coffin. Your franchise is nearly dead with your poor decisions and anti consumer dlc pricing. Now another poor decision and killing off the best character. Lol good luck with all that.

mechlord188d ago

not really. look at the outcry out there. his was a martyr's death. you know what usually happens when a martyr dies right?
besides, this gives them space to grow and they can change how they approach characters now. they can change the other two to make them more relatable because of this. they can even introduce another character as likeable as cayde (doubtful). They gave themselves space to be able to write the best revenge story ever. will they deliver? probably not.

PapaBop188d ago

Should have killed off Tess instead, even if it's just to replace her with someone else for Eververse, killing off Tess would have gone down really well with the fanbase.

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The story is too old to be commented.