Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch Character Roster Confirmed

Nintendo revealed the first gameplay footage for Super Smash Bros. at their E3 2018 direct. They confirmed the character roster for the game and also

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ZaWarudo103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Sake and Wolf are back, baby! i'm so happy they got the guest characters back, especially since i missed out on Smash Wii U.

AspiringProGenji103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I already know who is your main. It’s Shulk. Toki wo tomareee

NiteX103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

It's everyone... just everyone. Such an amazing feat!

-Foxtrot103d ago

So basically it's just an Ultimate version, not the Switch Smash Bros game? It's impressive, the character roaster should always be added on from and it's got much needed tweaks but I can't see anything else to make me think "Wow...this is the next gen Switch based Smash game"...still feels like a buffed up port despite not being a port exactly.

103d ago
The 10th Rider103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Website says 66 fighters, so it looka like there's Ridley + one other new fighter . . . Simon Belmont if the leak that guessed Ridley and said all characters return is true. Though echo fighters count separately so maybe we'll see more clone characters I guess.

EDIT: Pokemon trainer counts as one, so with echo fighters that's 66 right now. He did say not to expect many more fighters, implying there's at least some more. The website must mean there's 66 announced currently.

EDKICK103d ago

@The 10th Rider
From his wording it sounded like a few more at least. All previous characters is awesome but I think I'd be really unfortunate not to have at least 3-5 completely new characters. Inklings, Ridley, Arms, Simon Belmont, and Crash maybe?

The 10th Rider103d ago

Yeah, sounds like there's still more on the way so the 66 listed on the website must mean 66 currently announced characters. Either way I'm expecting, at most, like 1-3 more completely new characters and maybe a handful of "echo" characters.

Concertoine103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

The combat looks to be shaken up quite a bit with a few new techniques (the directional air dodge sounds big in terms of how the game plays). We'll see more about how the game looks in motion at the invitational.

It's evident that they used smash 4 as a foundation, but they took that opportunity and ran with it considering that roster. Holy crap. I also really like the way the characters unlock.

I just hope it's balanced well.

Thegamer41103d ago


I guess you missed the inclusion of a female Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer (just to name a couple) to please these "SJWs".
Not that there is anything wrong with that. You just seem to be trying too hard to trash Tlou for the most ridiculous reason in every article without hiding your bias.

Neonridr103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

it's got everything from every past game put into it. Characters have new movesets, levels have been redesigned. We have a few new characters. We have variations of existing characters. We have every mode. We have gamecube controller support. I mean the game lives up to its name. No it's not a completely new Smash from the ground up compared to the Wii U version, but it still packs so much content into that package that it blows the mind.

I mean come on dude, try a little harder. Didn't your parents teach you that if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all?

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Chaosdreams103d ago

Awesome reveal. Looks like this'll be the best Smash yet.

mcstorm103d ago

The switch is just becoming a master of excludes for me. I owned a wiiu loved the exclusives on it but Nintendo are for me hitting the right parts with the switch with the new games like Splatoon 2, mario oddissy but also improving the ports they way they should have in mk8 as the battle mode was letting it down on the wiiu yet the switch version is perfect and then this which is not quite new but not quite a port but builds upon the wiiu version which for me was another amazing game.

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