Starlink: Battle For Atlas Could Be The Star Fox Game We’ve Always Wanted

Okay, Cool's Riley Little writes "I can let you do that, Star Fox."

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-Foxtrot184d ago

Seems tacked on in my opinion, something to sell the game more and make more people give a shit about it.

Neonridr184d ago

maybe the author just means the gameplay in general feels more akin to Star Fox and more what we wanted with a sequel to SF64. Zero was not that.

FlyingFoxy184d ago

Like i said last night, i think this seems thrown in for the sake of it. I bet the game won't be any different. It's already coming to other platforms.

So it's no replacement for a standalone Starfox title, surely? I'll keep my eyes on it however.

FancyMudkip183d ago

Let's be honest here. This looks so much better than Star Fox Zero.

Nodoze181d ago

The potential for this is very significant. Cross over opportunities galore.

If Nintendo wasn't so insistent upon introducing ridiculous control schemes for their games, they would see some success with Starfox. We want a traditional flyer...LIKE THIS. I am hoping that they remaster Zero with PROPER controls. The movement of the WiiU controller was utterly RIDICULOUS. it actually detracted from the experience and as a result hit the bargain bin faster than any Nintendo title in recent memory. It pains me to see, as I LOVE Starfox.