NA PlayStation Store Best of E3 Sale Is Live, More Than 180 Games Discounted

Sony is offering another Best of E3 sale before the public E3 event kicks off today.

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crazychris412470d ago

YES! Infamous First Light for 50% off and Lost Legacy for 45% off. Anyone else having a problem getting into the PS Store? Website says all services are green but I cant get in, says down for maintenance.

crazychris412470d ago (Edited 70d ago )

NVM didnt realize Tuesday is also maintenance day for Sony. Saved $21, can't wait to see both games running at higher resolutions and HDR.

* Nevermind again, Its down again, cmon Sony get your shit together*

UKRsoldierPRO69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

But both Infamous games were free on ps+...

masterfox70d ago

holy damn there lots of games that I'm being waiting to play with great discounts!!, my poor wallet :(

joab77769d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Trust me on this. Get and play Nioh. It is unbelievable and my personal GotY for last yr. loved Zelda, Nier etc., but Nioh is a perfect blend of DS/Diablo and Ninja Gaiden!

Nioh 2! Cannot friggin wait!

MAULxx69d ago

I picked up the complete edition on a prior sale. I started it but got distracted by other things. I need to get back to it.
What I've played of it is great.

joab77766d ago

The only downside going back is that it is time consuming and like Souls games best experienced as the community is going through it together.

But I’ve also found that it hits in waves and new ppl come together to help each other through it. An announcement of Nioh 2 might just be a reason that thousands go back or pick it up for the first time.

NautilusXIII69d ago

was hopin to c sum KH games on the list, specifically 2.8 :/