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Despite a Strong E3 Showing, Microsoft Still Danced Around Some Awkward Truths

Twinfinite Writes: Microsoft had a stronger showing than usual at their E3 2018 press conference, but there's still some lingering issues that plagued the company.

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Community158d ago
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madhouse02159d ago

Definitely agree... the conference had lots of announcements but when you drill down there wasn't much coming this year, nor were there any significant new IPs.

ImGumbyDammit158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Both MS and Sony have one major title left this year right? Spider-Man for Sony and FH4 for Microsoft. Or am I missing something additional from Sony's conference that was coming this year? What exactly was new never seen before IP at Sony? They showed the exact same stuff last year and the year before that. The only new IP we had never seen and of any interest was for PSVR, other than that Sony had the same games (most look good- but they still are the same games they have shown before) and sill most are without any release dates. Which means will probably see everything from Sonys E3 this year without a release data again at the next E3. And both Microsoft and Sony only have one official release date for next year Days Gone for Sony and Crackdown 3 for Microsoft both are delayed games.

shaggy2303158d ago


You should know better than to use logic when it comes to these forums.

corroios158d ago

You know that Sony will have more shows this year... One things are games running and another is cgi.

Microsoft needed to show games, beside what we already know are coming, because they are having a bad year. They needed to pump UP their gamers.

RainbowBrite158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Maybe but the difference was that Sony showed us fully functional games. The last of us is playable (and mind-blowing) Tsushima seems playable (and mind-blowing), Kojima's game is so weird that i don't know what I witness, And spider-man is definitely playable (and mind-blowing) and coming this year.
Also is not fair to suddenly forget the AAA games that already came this year, is not like they are not giving you anything for 2018, right?
What MS showed was a short cinematic trailer with a bunch of rhynos, Forza which is playable and coming this year, and gears with a little bit of gameplay granted, but that looked pretty much like the previous one... idk.

Zezo90158d ago

The problem with comparing Sony and Microsoft is that Sony raised the expectation high for the last three years with exclusives that are just amazing, so when didn't announce something new people got disappointed even though its was something common for the competition

The Wood158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

'These announcements highlight two awkward truths that Microsoft faced once again this year. They fell back on their iconic three franchises, Halo, Gears, and Forza, not announcing any other major titles. At the same time, with the exception of Forza, all of their announcements are still a ways off. A lack of another big series like Fable, or a brand new IP at this show, highlights Microsoft’s overreliance on what they know.'

Did you ignore this bit.

Ms will release 3 retail exclusives for the whole of 2018, Sony over 10. . no issue at all then. . People have been saying ms rely on the same trifecta of titles for years. It's not so apparent when those 3 are greatly outnumbered by other titles but they aren't. Right now. . Ms had the best show in regards to pacing and pizzazz but no dates or much real gameplay to take home. The titles will come in time and I hope the new studios produce. . (Well done for the acquisition of ninja theory btw) but there's nothing concrete. . Ms have now started what they should have been doing since last gen at best, start of this gen at worst.

RpgSama158d ago

Let's not try and compare a system seller like Spiderman to an annual franchise like Forza, besides, Sony still has Dreams coming up, and let's not forget the games we got this Year, God Of War, Detroit Become Human, MLB, Shadow of the Colossus and that's without even mentioning all the third party exclusives games, so no, it's not the same thing

r2oB158d ago

@ Gumby

- TLoU and Ghost werent at E3 two years ago. Death Stranding was announced e3 2016. And this year was the first time gameplay was shown on those titles. So not sure where you are getting "the exact same stuff last year and the year before that" nonsense.

And people may have been expecting more from Microsoft regarding the near future considering their last few years have been lackluster exclsuivs wise (and apparently the near future as well).

LoveSpuds158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

But I have already bought Detroit, Nino Kuni 2 and God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, MLB, Yakuza and Dragons Crown Pro this year.

While perhaps not as mainstream, I am still anticipating the likes of Catherine Full Body, Fist of the NorthStar and the Zone of the Enders remake all of which are expected on PS4 this year.

Trying to draw conclusions from the fact that Sony and MS have only one 'mainstream' exclusive remaining this year is completely disingenuous, moreover, as good as Forza looks, it still MS going back to the well AGAIN!!. Spiderman is a brand new game which looks fresh and exciting.

If you are a serious fan of Xbox, you should demand more from them.

Trez1234158d ago

what qualifies as major game? if you put forza as your major title than surely Dragon quest as to be on that list and that's a big deal. In fact, just look at How much it sold without even hitting the west.

I really find it funny when some compare PlayStation to Xbox they forget the fact that one console is truly a worldwide console and the other is almost western only and that obvious ignorance is the reason why some don't understand why the ps4 is leading comfortably worldwide.

as much as you try to ignore some games, the fact remains that Dragon Quest is a big deal and moved alot of Ps4 in asia and is higly anticipated ( even more than persona 5 was) in the west too especially mainland Europe where those games usually shine. Dragon Quest = major. Fact

Exvalos158d ago

Sony showed the same games, but the emphasis is GAMES we have them, Microsoft did nothing but fall back on Halo, Gears, and Forza,.

bluefox755158d ago

The difference is, people KNOW they will consistently get great titles from Sony, a lot of people don't know that with MS anymore.

crazyCoconuts158d ago

I guess the point is before E3 it seemed like a fair number of Xboxers were complaining about titles even after SoT and that zombie game came out. After E3, nothing has changed in the short term (shouldn't be a surprise). Biggest change is MS showing intent by investing in the future. If you're keeping count and you think that the exclusives that have been coming out are equally good, than call it even. Not many would agree with that though imo

hit17388158d ago

But then you also gotta considered what Sony has already brought out this year like God of War ect.. Then we see what Microsoft has brought out this year and that's were the problem comes in.

BeardedDrachen158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

In 2018 alone PS4 has (will have) these exclusives:

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT
Shadow of The Colossus Remake
Kni No Kuni 2
Yakuza 6
MLB The Show 18
God of War
Detroit Become Human
Yakuza Kiwami 2
First of the North Star
Dreams (maybe?)

Not to mention all of the PSVR games.
---And that’s all I can think of.

Xbox exclusives...

Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2
Forza Horizon 4

It doesn’t help that MS didn’t announce anything really coming in the fall/holiday of 2018.

The fact is MS only showed Halo, Gears, Forza, and Crackdown 3 makes me not excited for the rest of the generations. Essentially, MS is telling you “Wait 2-3 more years”, instead of the ‘wait till E3’ mantra.

Markusb33158d ago

Maybe compare what game Sony released and are still to release in 2018 then check out MS list. MS showed no game play of its usual 3 titles. Sony showed only game play previously unseen. Crackdown looks like a 360 game and I'm yet to see a game in the x as good as a ps4 exclusive. Show me a game that rivals tlou2. 2 gears games going to pc and mobile? Where is the content for xbox ? Studios they bought already worl for them aside from ninja theory and they say a new xb is in development. What happened to the most powerful console in the world? Xb 1st party doesn't even show the investment was worth it.

GNCFLYER158d ago

Oh the glasses. Nice spin.

One major title left this year. Your not wrong but how quickly its forgotten all the exclusives Sony has gotten along the way leading up to one more exclusive left.

Dragonscale157d ago

@iam, the big difference is Spiderman will shift PS4's, FH4 won't shift xbones.

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Tobse158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Well, they announced a Xbox One exclusive new IP releasing soon via Inside Xbox from a big dev :

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Vigor is Third Party game and make by Arma developers and that game coming to PC. So it’s not exclusive.

Tobse158d ago

Nope only for Xbox One. So death stranding isnt exclusive because it will come to Microsoft Windows PCs?

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

You know that Death Stranding is using Decima Engine aka Horizon Zero Dawn. But the thing is that Bohemia Interactive is always focus on PC market. So yeah, it will come to PC later.

Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding is a full Sony exclusive and will only be on PS4, says Guerilla Games were a huge help to them and that Decima Engine is an incredible tech.

Tobse158d ago

Would you mind linking me the confirmation?
It might come maybe if....
Ye lets just assume that. Ms is.pretty transparent about things being timed or not recently.

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Really ? I don’t think that MS will ignore the PC market that easily. After all, MS really want more profit from PC. Another thing, GG is helping Kojima.

morganfell158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Any hint of Death Stranding for PCs has been completely wiped. It is a Sony owned IP (Do the research). Its a PS4 exclusive. A real exclusive.

Tobse158d ago

So you dont ok. Its a pure one yeyeye.

MasterCornholio158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Death Stranding does use the Décima engine.

"Kojima likened his studio's collaboration with Guerrilla Games to the evolution of the space program, and called the modified version of Decima a rocket that would take them farther than anything before"

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UCForce158d ago

I still think E3 is draw.

EmperorDalek158d ago

Microsoft showed around twice the amount of PS4 games than Sony did... so even for people who only have a PS4, the Xbox conference was arguably still the better watch. The pacing and format were painfully bad. As a show, the Sony one just wasn't enjoyable to sit through.

Sony had no surprises at all.
All their games were somewhat similar - Story driven third person action games. Which was stupid because they could have shown off Dreams for more variety... I know people who were incredibly disappointed by the lack of a release date for it, despite supposedly being in the final stages of development for six months.

Unpopular opinion - Some of the exclusives they did show weren't as impressive as people are saying, especially in the gameplay department. Spider-Man and Tsushima both use very similar QTE combat to the outdated Arkham games, for example.

BeardedDrachen158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


“Sony had no surprises at all”

I think the spectacular gameplay footage was a really good surprise. What’s wrong with third person, story driven action games?

“Spiderman and Tsushima used very similar QTE combat”
Spiderman gameplay is fantastic. It’s an updated, more stylish version of the arkham combat. Ghost’s combat only QTE that i noticed was when he jumped down and killed the 3 men. Nothing else about made it feel like an Arkham game.

MS did nothing that screamed “You need to go out and buy an Xbox if you don’t have one already”.

Alucard_420157d ago

@EmperorDalek no surprises??? PS plus COD black ops 3 not a surprises??? NIOH 2 not a surprises??? RE2 Remake not a surprises??? ................... I think you get the point. If you don't, your just labeling yourself a MS fanatic.

EmperorDalek157d ago

Showing an already announced game isn't a surprise, no matter how good it looks... what are you even getting at? There's nothing wrong with third person, story-driven action games at all. The problem is it meant the show had hardly any variety in games shown... Which would be more acceptable if they didn't have something like Dreams, which could have been a point of difference.

Spider-Man's combat looked no better than Arkham's. You're not paying attention if you don't see it in Tsushima - look at the very first kill for an example. What do you think the player did? Press one button at the right time.
I'm not saying that they have bad combat, not at all. But the gameplay shown wasn't ground-breaking, as people are hyping them up to be.

Resident Evil 2 was expected, Nioh 2 was only earlier than expected, not surprising. Black Ops 3 sure, but most people watching it would have already owned it.

EmperorDalek157d ago

I'm just talking about the quality of the presentation. I own both, I don't care what's exclusive and what isn't, so for me, the Xbox show was a better watch... they did show more than triple the games, after all.

But to talk about how MS gave people a reason a people to buy Xbox One,

Game pass is an incredible option for people just getting into gaming now... Not only does it include a lot of games ranging from high quality to smaller indies, but for now every Microsoft published game will be on it at launch. Forza Horizon 4 and Crackdown 3 will be part of game pass day one... there's so much value in it, especially for newcomers.
You can try most of the Xbox exclusives by subscribing to game pass for a month. Believe it or not, that is quite a decent amount of exclusives. if you're just getting into Xbox now. So even if you already have a PS4, that

Xbox One X will have the best version of just about every game, and they demonstrated that there are a lot of games taking advantage of that.

Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Ori, Crackdown 3. Not a bad set of upcoming games. But no, probably not enough to justify getting an Xbox One for alone...
...But in every single aspect other than exclusives, Xbox One is the better system. That's what they showed this E3.

BeardedDrachen157d ago


"You're not paying attention if you don't see it in Tsushima - look at the very first kill for an example. What do you think the player did? Press one button at the right time”.

Sigh. That isn’t what a QTE is. A QTE involves a prompt on screen for the player to interact with it in order to perfom an action. Ryse had this when enemies turned yellow or blue. God of War 1-3 had this when beating bigger enemies and bosses. In Ghost, it didnt’ look like there was ANY prompt at all for Gin to attack and kill someone in one strike.

You’re 0-1 there.

"Spider-Man's combat looked no better than Arkham’s.”

You’re kidding... right? I hope you’re kidding.
Arkham Knight

Spiderman looks similar to Arkham only in the respect that you’re beating up multiple enemies. Spiderman looks like it has MUCH better improved and polished combat than Arkham, with much better variety to combat moves. It ‘not looking no better’ is simply a lie.

You’re 0-2.

"I'm not saying that they have bad combat, not at all. But the gameplay shown wasn't ground-breaking, as people are hyping them up to be. “

Remember when we first got to see The Divison in action? The player on the screen closed the car door as he was moving past it, that was great at the reveal but it was never in the final release. Naughty Dog had a similar type of advanced animation combat in their gameplay trailer of TLOU2. A dev who worked on Tomb Raider called some sequences ‘fake’... but ND had a panel where they explained how much they are improving the AI and in-game animations. For example, Ellie taking the arrow out of the guy, squeezing through the shelves, going prone under cars, enemies looking for you under cars and pulling you out.. all considered to be actually real at this point in the game. The same type of animation in Ghost where Gin fluidly strikes/impales, and dismembers the enemies. Spiderman has similar amazing animation. Only game out of the four that looked like it had somewhat ‘regular’ animation was Death Stranding.

You’re 0-3.

Again. MS did nothing that screamed “You need to go out and buy an Xbox if you don’t have one already”. Playstation did. Hell, Playstation even announced a custom Kingdom Hearts 3 console that will fly off the shelves.

In terms of Xbox’s games?? Only worthwhile exclusives shown were Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5. (Neither looked that impressive tbh. Forza had changing seasons, that’s about it. Only new thing in Gears 5 was you can now swing a hammer weapon.. lol. Cool!!! /s. Really surprised there wasn’t an Crackdown 3 MP gameplay.. THAT could have been something).

BeardedDrachen157d ago

"Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Ori, Crackdown 3. Not a bad set of upcoming games. But no, probably not enough to justify getting an Xbox One for alone”
-- I agree. There’s a serious problem if you can’t justify buying a system for 4 games.

"But in every single aspect other than exclusives, Xbox One is the better system. That's what they showed this E3.”

No.. Xbox One X is the better platform than the S, not the Pro. It’s annoying how fanboys say “We play the best multiplats”.. when in reality only a fraction of users are playing the better multiplats with only minimal framerate/resloution differences to the Pro... while the other players on an S(or original Xbone One) are playing around 900p/1080p.
They also have an option to play games for a MUCH cheaper price than actually going out and buying the game (that’s cool if you don’t like to spend money on actually owning the game). It’s hilarious how MS never releases ‘games sold’.. instead it’s now ’number of players’. Don’t get me wrong.. engagement and players isn’t a bad thing.. but when the game is essentially $10... having a inflated playerbase isn’t at all impressive.

It’s funny. I hear this mantra all the time: “Xbox One is the better system”.. yet it’s being outsold 2:1 and despite it being a more powerful system... exclusives games look much better on the vanilla PS4 than exclusives games on the Xbox One X.

When PS5 and Xbox “2" relelease, Xbox 2 might be more powerful, but Playstation will still continue to have the better exclusive titles.. and THAT... is what drives console sales.

Chevalier157d ago


" Nioh 2 was only earlier than expected, not surprising.:

Really?! Gears 5 (6th game in the series), Halo Infinite(12th if you include side games) and Forza Horizon 4 (11th in the series) is 'surprising'?! Wow those games are so 'new'. As for the rest of the conference, showing more games that will be on PS4 as well was cool, but, still doesn't change the fact they will be on PS4 and the extremely forced mention of the word 'exclusive' when the screen showed launch exclusive was just tacky as hell. Its nice that your wearing some dark rose tinted glasses that hide these 'exclusives' in plain sight.

As for 4K, so you waited 5 years to get to say that? Slow clap. If resolution mattered why the heck did you wait 5 years to get an X? Higher resolution doesn't make a game better. As for X pass, with the poor quality of Xbox exclusives and games being constantly taken out its literally cheaper for me to buy the Gears and Cuphead expansion than paying for the pass. Also the idea of paying hundreds of dollars over the years and not actually owning any of the games isn't as enticing as you make it out to be.

Also your downplaying of the quality of PS4 exclusives is laughably bad. You're suggesting the games are overhyped 3rd person games with no 'new' gameplay elements..... Newsflash Gears 6, Forza's 11th game, Halos 12th game are somehow bringing 'new' stuff to the table how?!!

Your awarding points for showing a game first even though those same games will be on PS4 and play the same? Uhh okay there.

All the points that you suggest make Xbox 'better' is your opinion. Nice that you think so highly of yourself that your opinion somehow has some weight, but, your opinion is just that its NOT factual.

Also fyi if you wanted to see more games Sony channel on youtube announced far more after their E3. Lots of actual exclusives with *gasp* release dates! Also legit not coming to Xbox exclusives not this 'launch' exclusive garbage.

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aConIsDemocracy158d ago

i thought the gow trailer was bloody awful.

Heavenly King158d ago

The characters is Gears4 look better :S

spicelicka158d ago

The game isn't coming till fall 2019 most likely, don't assume that's how it's going to look.

Also, it looks amazing. I'm sure the character models will improve.

Jinger158d ago

Looked fantastic to me, the gameplay snippets in between looked great.

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

I got cringe watching it. Because these new characters sound like they are whinnying more and annoying.

Jinger158d ago


Yes how dare Kait be a bit whiney after someone obviously important to her died...

Like you would care about anything Gears of War related anyway haha

Chevalier157d ago

That didn't look that great to me imho. Its year 5 rolling into 6 and its not like they're building a new engine from the ground up so if that 'looks good' to you and you want to give the oh it will look better in 2019 excuse then way to set the bar low. The Gears games need better writing in general. Its ridiculous that we're getting into the 6th game in the series and the bad writing and dialogue is still a legit issue. Just look at God Of War just launched their 6th game and its night and day better in writing and dialogue. Like Oldboy and Remember suggest ask for better than we're getting.

xX-oldboy-Xx158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Yep - the writing and character models were atrocious, remember it's one of their premier franchises. xbox owners deserve better.

RememberThe357158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

It doesn't seem like they want better. From what I've read around here people seem pretty happy with it. It took me back to when Doms wife died and I laughed out loud because of how corny it was. For whatever reason these games are allergic to story telling.

xRacer74x158d ago

Sony blinders strong, they could take a dump on stage and sony fans would say they won.

UltraGaming158d ago

Sony execs could start ww3 and all the fans would be like " Yeah wooooo this is exactly what we need".. Both had decent shows. I will be buying the Sony exclusive games to play on my pro everything else will be bought for my one x, purely because I prefer the controller and xbox live plus all my friends game on xbox.

WillyC009158d ago

Microsoft blinders are strong. They could literally release no exclusives all year and repeat their tired forza, halo and gears formula and you'd still say they won.

prankster101158d ago

Nah... That's Nintendo you're talking about. The Big N practically did take a dump, and fans still lapped it up.

xRacer74x157d ago

@WillyC009, I would play all on my xbox still. Better controller to me and my friends all game on Xbox Live.

xRacer74x157d ago

@prankster, I liked the exclusive titles for switch they showed.

WillyC009157d ago

@xracer74x blinders. Got it. Thanks for the verification.

Everything you said was subjective. Not fact. Remember that.

Chevalier157d ago

Well its hard to blame you. Seeing those amazing PS4 games is hard to deny, must seem like a mirage considering how bad Xbox exclusives are. Plus Gears 6th series game, Halos 12th and Forza 11th game is what is 'new' for you guys. PS4 and Switch exclusives destroy Xbox easily and actually sell rather than have numbers of people played and hours played metrics. I'm sure Xbox is happy you can at least bump up their hours played stat since they're too embarrassed to release numbers.

pinkcrocodile75157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

A blinder is either a guy that goes around blinding people or the actof doing something brilliantly "You've played a blinder, my son"

Blinkers on the otherhand are used with horses to restrict their field of vision.

It's a bit like the american's saying "Eye Glasses" instead of "Glasses", like we have to be told where to put them on the body.

As for gears 5, looks great as we have enough 3rd party games to keep us going in the meantime. I'm pretty chilled about it to be honest.

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chaos999158d ago

Everyone is scared of RDR2 release this Fall so there's no way they wanted to face-off the Rockstar title.
Both MS and Sony have nothing exclusive 6 months from now. "Just" Spider-Man for PS4.
The problem is that MS didn't release a Major AAA title in some time while Sony had both God of War and Detroit.

alb1899158d ago

MS released stay of decay and sea of thieves. You can like does games or not but they are options.

Eldyraen158d ago

He said Major AAA games. SoT and SoD are not major and quite frankly are arguably AAA at best. Neither compare to anything like GoW, Uncharted, Gears, Halo, Forza even, etc. they’re probably both below Ryse, QB, SSO really.

I enjoy SoD2 though and wanted to play SoT but just sort of passed over it without feeling like I missed anything.

Rude-ro158d ago

Not AAA titles.
Just because they were marketed as such, does not make them AAA...
Not taking away the releases, but if you are counting those, then we should be counting all games released by Sony to make a comparison.. not just their AAA releases against Microsoft’s highly marketed indie style $30 games

CP_Company158d ago

You need to some rechearch before writing comments like this. Yakuza Kiwami 2 coming and other PS4 exclusives too, if you don't know them, don't try to make a case.