PS4 vs Xbox One in the US – VGChartz Gap Charts – April 2018 Update

In April 2018 the gap in the US between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew in favor of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 sold 191,235 more units than the Xbox One in the last month. The PlayStation 4 also sold 792,554 more units in the last 12 months. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by 3.02 million units.

The PlayStation 4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 24.23 Million units, while the Xbox One has sold 21.21 million units.

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JaguarEvolved104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

PS4 Total Sales: 24,228,770

Xbox One Total Sales: 21,212,590

The domination continues. Gone are the days of people thinking the Xbox one sales will catch up to the ps4 with some game new exclusive Xbox game. The Xbox doesnt have any exclusives and all the games will be on the pc . The fanatics have accepted that the Xbox has lost and it's a failure.

welly300103d ago

21 mil a failure? Yeah not as successful maybe.

corroios103d ago

Losing Huge % of market share and, not having any New IP that is a blockbuster is a failure.

This gen is coming to an end fast.

cbuc1125103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

When your direct competitor is at 80mil versus your 30mil worldwide... yes that's a failure in the business world. Also....losing in your home country to an import by even 1 mil would be considered a failure. Just let it go man.

r2oB103d ago

Didn't Microsoft have the expectation of selling over 100 million Xbox Ones? If so, then only selling a third would be considered a failure. Of course they wouldn't admit that and probably deflect the failure with success in other less meaningful stats.

mkis007103d ago

Everyone is making me cringe this week. So Dramatic.

FallenAngel1984104d ago

Oh crap the gap is already over 3 million

DialgaMarine103d ago

This gap is never going to go away. I remember even I used to think the Xbone would surpass PS4 in the US since that’s it’s only strong territory.

mkis007103d ago

Unless Sony fails early (price/performance/release date),Playstation will always outsell Xbox.

the 360 would have been doomed (with the help of Rrod)had the ps3 launched at the same time with only the $500 model. Can't beat brand power.

103d ago
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