Bethesda is '100 percent committed' to Fallout 76 mod support

"We love mods, and so we are 100 percent committed to doing that in 76 as well," Howard said. "We will not be able to do that at launch though. Our goal for launch—this is really new for us—is have a well-running, robust service, and then some period later, we're currently still designing what that service looks like, you'll be able to have your own private world and be able to mod it and do all of that.

"With our games, that's where the long-term life of them really is. That is trickier when you get into an online world, but we're definitely committed to that. It just won't be at launch."

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porkChop159d ago

So you'll be able to have your own private world? Does that mean without other players? Hopefully you could at least play with your friends if they install the same mods.