Xbox Exec Explains What Microsoft’s Five New Studios Have in Common

Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty talks about what the acquisitions mean for Xbox.

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Italiano1234567189d ago

And they still dont have as many studios has Sony....This should of all been taking care of already. At least possibly xbox fans have something to look forward to next gen

RDOUBLE189d ago

Only separated by two studios.

UltimateRacer189d ago

“Only separated by two studios” and Sony’s unrivaled teams of developers that MS could only dream of having.

Vasto189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


Playground, 343, The Coalition and Turn 10 are better than anybody Sony has.

Ninja Theory has already shown they are just as good too. Phil already said they are not even done with adding new studios!

jznrpg189d ago

2 studios maybe but in terms of quality games it’s a big gap

bluefox755189d ago

Yeah, but Sony's are all proven while under the Sony umbrella. Nothing from MS really comes close to the quality of games like TLoU or God of War for instance. It's like the difference between AA and AAA games.

RDOUBLE189d ago

Nobody is disagreeing with quality. HE SAID DONT HAVE AS MANY.

King Nezz188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Listen man, been a Microsoft fanboy since the og Xbox. But Naughty Dog is amazing. There are other awesome Sony studios, but ND is the one I wish MS had. The last of Us is one of my favorite games.

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mark_parch189d ago

just give it a rest. this is positive news for all gamers. more game studios = more games

189d ago
TheCommentator189d ago

@ gamerzero

What's the matter, can't admit that MS is changing?

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Well to be fair, Sony fans did not get any big announcements regarding the future of Playstation? So Xbox is now focused on building/buying new studios for new Ip's and Sony is showing off what they have already announced but no new future Ip's. Different approaches but I think both had good conferences.

The crazy part is after seeing E3 from both camps, my most anticipated game is RAGE 2, followed by Spiderman and Forza Horizon 4

Cohagen420189d ago

Are you out of your mind? PS4 is bringing current games and presenting games for the future.

bluefox755189d ago

They showed lots for the future of Playstation, the difference is, we already knew the future was bright. Now MS promises a bright future for Xbox...again. We've been down this road before, and I hope it's different this time, but it's hard to not assume the worst.

TheCommentator189d ago

I'm assuming, from their new console rumors, that Sony's prepping for next gen already so they're not ready to show off their new stuff yet.

gangsta_red189d ago

Sony didn't announce anything new at their E3 all they showed were games that were previously announced.

Which means there's going to be a fresh start for the big three next E3.

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TheCommentator189d ago

Yeah, what a total let down that MS only doubled it's portfolio of studios in one year. /s

Seraphim188d ago

exactly. and in all honesty they really should have been working on building new studios the past decade. Studios to create new IPs and/or bring back other IPs owned by MS. This kind of reminds me of a while back when they were doing exclusive deals and making some acquisitions promising more games to come. Over time they just started to ignore software again. It's only a matter of time before MS reverts back to it's old ways. In the mean time, yeah, these studios will start working on games but nothing will come to fruition for, likely, another 2 years.

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MunchMiller00189d ago

Well that's an easy one. None of them will make a significant impact on Xbox sales.

Give me a tougher one next time.