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Apocalypse Shadow66d ago

The games just keep on flowing.

ErikCrusader66d ago

I like the compiled list and the wealth of info. One thing I wanted to point out were the screengrabs (from a phone) that display the different events and times. I think cutting off the phone UI elements would make that a bit easier to read/go through. Minor thing though, gave it the thumbs up regardless! :)

Venox200866d ago

i think I might a bit underestimated Sony regarding psvr on this e3.. thank you for this

Einhander197166d ago

And hopefully the games will keep flowing PSVR is amazing, even though the haters will hate.

AnubisG66d ago

I wish there will be a Rush of Blood 2. RoB is my favorite PSVR game.

Ron_Danger66d ago

I'll take a RoB sequel where halfway through the first level, the cart tips off the track and you go full locomotion with the Aim the rest of the game.

But I'd also take a full on rails experience again cause the first game was awesome!

Knushwood Butt66d ago

Playing with two move sticks is awesome.