E3 2018 – Sony’s E3 2018 press conference tanked hard and here’s why

Paul from DJ writes "Today on the DJ Podcast episode 299 we talk about the recent E3 presentation from Sony.  It certainly wasn’t the best of E3 presentations and honestly it tanked real bad?  Find out why here."

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AcidDvl186d ago

At least Sony doesn't need a loud voice screaming 'Exclusive' to try to brain wash people into thinking that they've got content.

Those were world premiers of other publishers work.

mark_parch186d ago

The thing is sony should tell people what games are exclusive as people just assume everything's exclusive like multiple games in the past including nier automata.
Lets be honest here if devil may cry 5 and shadows die twice were shown on sony's stage we would all think they were exclusives so Microsoft made a good choice getting them on their stage

AcidDvl186d ago


That made no sense.
Thank you for your input.

vallencer185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Microsoft just can't win no matter what they do is all. And I don't mean win as in "oh my god they won the conference" I just mean win as in they can't do anything right. I think that is one thing Sony should adopt. Yes people with a brain or who pay attention to Sony games know that the last of us is exclusive. Also Ghost, Death stranding, Spider-man, the from software VR game, and I'm assuming nioh 2 are exclusive as well. But the other 3 they showed are not. The only one that it mattered in front of is Control. That game is not exclusive but Sony doesn't let you know that before the trailer. I honestly feel they should have to tell people that to make it clear. But what you see as brainwashing I see as just being clear as to what the game they are showing is to their system.

AcidDvl185d ago (Edited 185d ago )


World premiers are not exclusives.
Times exclusives are redundant, as they will be played on other platforms.
Yet Microsoft had a voice screaming exclusive at both, which made the bulk of the conference.
Makes no sense, unless you're trying to deceived people into believing that you've got more exclusive content than you actually have.

Shady practice.

vallencer185d ago

How is it shady? All you have to do is read haha. As far as saying exclusive before world premier all that's for is saying it's an exclusive world premier. There was absolutely nothing shady about what they did. People just want to shit on Microsoft. To each their own. I enjoyed their conference and sonys. I enjoyed sonys because their games are beautiful looking. I enjoyed Microsoft's because, well, they had games to show even if they were third party. Minus sonys weird let's move venues and have a talk show in between thing it was good.

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G3ng4r186d ago

I expected much more for sure. They hype up their big games and a long conference and don't deep dive into any? We see about four minutes of gameplay for each and don't learn much, still don't even know what death stranding is. The presentation was pretty stupid as well, the crowd has to switch rooms and people at home get to wait. There was really thirty-five or so poorly utilized minutes to this conference. Complacency, maybe, but they just set up nintendo's clean sweep.

Chocoburger186d ago

lol... Still believe Nintendo had a 'clean sweep'? See where assumptions get you?

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Akarogg 185d ago

Showing it like a game not a Sideshow gimmick

Dragonscale185d ago

The biggest letdown of e3 this year was that pathetic nintendo direct. Now that was truly meh.

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bashy186d ago

i agree that it was a poor conference however, i disagree that it tanked. The quality shown was unmatched by any other conference so far.

This is a 1st in few years that Sony has gone down the quality over quantity route, i think we have been spoilt these last few years with Sony showing quality and quantity.

They have also stated previously that announcements at PSX should be just as big as at E3, Which given the 6 month gap is perfect timing to have both at the height of relevance.

Immorals186d ago

Them saying announcements at PSX would be as big as E3 doesn't mean much, considering nothing particularly big got announced..

bashy185d ago

May be, but they have previously announced TLOU2, Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted; The Lost Legacy in the 2016 conference alone (i think, if not it was close to that)

Lightning Mr Bubbles186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

When you put a big pile of poop in front of such quality games, it's just not right. Something is not right. I mean is it about games or is it about the presentation of the conference? Some people saying that the music acts were bad and the physical setups we bad. To me that's just garbage. It seems like people just want talking points or flamebait or whatever. Maybe it wasn't there best conference but it was far from bad, I saw too many cool games for it to be bad.

crazyCoconuts186d ago

It's clickbait. I'd say it worked.

DaGamingKing185d ago

The poop icon was more directed at the press conference not the games, but we wanted to stir some discussion on their event and happy its got people honestly engaged. We love Sony but in our opinion that event (aside from the games) tanked.

PhantomS42186d ago

They had so many amazing games and focused on exclusives...but sure let's focus on the 5 minutes streamers had to wait because the press conference isn't for them but for the audience attending E3 and they did the weird two room thing.

The 10th Rider186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

It was almost 15 minutes, not five.

EDIT: Just checked, was a fourteen minute intermission.

The 10th Rider186d ago

Some more info:

Total conference length was 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 17 seconds, including the recap montage at the end.

The intermission went from 17:20 to 30:38. 13 minutes and 18 seconds.

The musical segment before The Last of Us 2 was about 3 minutes and 8 seconds.

The musical segment before Ghosts of Tsushima was about 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

The intermission was 18.9% of their total conference time. The musical segments made up 7.5% of their conference. That means 26.4%, over a quarter of the entire conference, was needless filler.

PhantomS42186d ago

Either way, the point still stands these press conferences aren't for people streaming at home they are for the audience there at the show. It was weird and mishandled but if you are focusing on that as the sole reason they have a bad press conference when they had nothing but non-stop awesome game showing then you are probably a troll more than a gamer.

The 10th Rider186d ago


And it what way is an intermission to move to a new spot fun for the audience at the show? Also if it's for the audience there why does Sony show their press conference in theaters in the US?