Sony PlayStation At E3 2018: A PS Fanboy Was Disappointed Tonight

Leif: I waited in bated breath for Sony Playstation’s Press Conference at E3 2018. I was hyped and was getting ready to watch Naughty Dog’s sequel to The Last of Us. The conference started with the signature music from the Last of Us. I thought to myself, this is going to be an awesome presentation. Boy, was I wrong.

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AspiringProGenji184d ago

Don’t hype yourself up so much then

pwnmaster3000184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Honestly if Sony didn’t basically said don’t expect to much, I to would of been extremely hyped expecting several new IPs. They warned, I took it, and I’m happy with what I saw.

Lightning Mr Bubbles184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

The public is always right when you are tying to make business. So if the word is that the conference underwhelmed, then it did. I thought it was solid and saw plenty I liked but many people are saying otherwise, so then I have to wonder where it went wrong.

For me Last of Us 2 was amazing, and so was Ghosts of Tushima, but Ghosts is not a big well known franchise and I'm not sure if the game will have big mainstream appeal or not. After that, I do think that Spiderman and Death Stranding underwhelmed a bit, especially Death Stranding, and that's pretty big when your show was built around 4 mega exclusives and 2 of them underwhelmed. I think the Resident Evil 2 remake was huge and it helped a lot, although I've been hearing from the younger generation that it's not that big a deal to some of them because they don't know Resident Evil from way back in the PS1 era.

And compared to XBOX One, which revealed so many new games, even if most were also on PS4, it still made their press conference more exciting.

Not sure if any of this is going to affect sales, probably not because most of the games XBOX One showed are also on PS4 but I think we have to admit we lost this E3, and to be honest they put a pretty mediocre effort and that's what you get. Lets learn from it and move on.

Dark_Knightmare2184d ago

Explain how Spider-Man underwhelmed when everyone has been extremely positive on it since that gameplay trailer

Lightning Mr Bubbles184d ago

Maybe it didn't, I'm just not a fan of that kind of game. Not into super hero games. I just heard a few people saying they weren't so sure about it after watching the newest trailer.

Lightning Mr Bubbles184d ago

If Carnage is in the game, then I take it back, I might be in.

Ceaser9857361184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

For Starters. Sony didn't go to win this E3, that's why they announced before hand what they were going to show. Sony was more relaxed since their consoles is doing well.. Games are selling well. All of their studios have worked hard and delivered. New Franchisee are formed and the latest Spiderman gameplay both of them. looked amazing. Sinister 6 vs Spiderman. Can't wait. already preordered.

Name Last Name184d ago

Agreed with all you said except Spiderman being underwhelming. I think what hurts their E3 is their increasing focus on PS Experience conference. But boy was the pacing of their conference a mess!

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Ceaser9857361184d ago

Sony said it before they will ONLY focus on these 4 exclusives.. DONT EXPECT SURPRISES OR NEW HARDWARE.
Still I don't understand why people were over hyped and wanted surprises and new IP/games teaser.
People are actually disappointed with themselves for over hyping themselves and blames it on Sony..

lociefer184d ago

Even sony wanted to manage expectations so you won't end up like this. With that said it was still a pretty solid show

pwnmaster3000184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I know right? I feel like Sony has been spoiling gamers with new stuff every e3 that it’s just expected. They need to appreciate what’s already in front of them. Do Sony fans not realize they are stacked with exclusives until the end of next year?

Melankolis184d ago

It's about time for Sony to stop showing TLOU2 & Spiderman too much. To be honest i got bored.
Death Stranding was great.
Ghost of Tsushima was awesome!!! Better than i expected.

hulk_bash1987184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

We literally only had a reveal trailer, one teaser trailer and this was the first gameplay trailer we got for TLOU2? How is that too much?

Melankolis184d ago

Because it's too long. Longer doesn't mean better for a gameplay trailer.

hulk_bash1987184d ago

I guess it's all subjective because that trailer showed me that ND has mastered the ability to blend cutscene and gameplay seamlessly. It left me speechless and tense the entire time I was watching it.

Mmmkay184d ago Show
Melankolis184d ago

I'm fine with the disagree. But why did you bring Crackdown 3?. Did you think i'm an Xbox fanboy bashing Sony's E3?.

I don't even have an Xbox...Hahahaha...

And the funniest thing is that you got upvotes for that....kekekekeke...

Melankolis184d ago

"I guess it's all subjective because that trailer showed me that ND has mastered the ability to blend cutscene and gameplay seamlessly"


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Dark_Knightmare2184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

We literally have not seen any gameplay of tlou until tonight and Spider-Man is coming out sept 7th so of course they are hyping it

jerethdagryphon184d ago

Yea more spiderman witch looks like combat from arkham was a waste it could have been shorter nothing interested me in in im not a fan of samuri games and death stranding looks possible

ibrake4naps184d ago

this was a great Press Conference. I can't pick a favorite, but Playstation's is on my shortlist!

SuperSaiyanGod41184d ago

Microsoft presented their press conference better than Sony but the gameplay for the last of us 2 was freaking unreal especially the movements and Gore was the most intense and realism as it gets ever in a game I've ever seen. Also ghost of tsushima was simply what I dreamed of from samurai game. The sword play was epic af. Also death stranding looked beautiful as well but still looks like it's a way off from release. Spiderman already had me sold but having 4 main villains made me happy af. Sony blew me away with their 4 main exclusives.

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