New Spider-Man Gameplay Footage Revealed At E3

At Sony's press conference today, they revealed some exclusive gameplay footage of the upcoming Spider-Man game.

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Septic189d ago

This looks INSANE!! I can't wait for this one.

remixx116189d ago

Yeah it was but these confrences so far have bored me.

Cant wait for spiderman though.

Gaming4Life1981189d ago

cause you have lost the enjoyment of playing games for fun. The internet has ruined gaming with its bias, reviews that tell people what to like/play, and its constant haters that are never satisfied. Games were only made to be fun.

remixx116189d ago


You sound like an absolute joke, dont tell me why i play video games clown.

I literally only game for fun, its why i havent purchased detroit because i dont find those kinds of games "fun". What kinda clown plays videogames for anything other than fun.

The point was that all of these confrences were boring.

Square and ea had piss poor confrences and microsoft and Sony while decent both played it safe, i mean really an intermission.

My taste in games is incredibly diverse and i dont let reviews tell me shit, I'd play gravity rush 2 over botw and horizon anyday but the hive mind will tell you that i have no tastes.

nucky64189d ago

really odd comments, remixxx. when you say "boring" and " playing it safe" - just what were your "diverse tastes" looking for. it doesn't sound like anything could have made you happy.

MainstreamGamer189d ago

Yep you just confirmed it. You have bad taste in games, Gravity Rush 1 is better than 2 btw. Let me guess you play retro art style games....get with the times old man.

remixx116189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


Well you definitely fit you user name thats for sure, chances are im younger than you but having different tastes gets you scrutinised as usual.


As for my tastes i just expected more, im not saying it had to be sony 2016 or 2015 but MS pitched a bunch my comment above is self explanatory, ms pitched a bunch of multiplats and sony had just... awkward pacing, death stranding wasnt any clearer on what it was and everyone one else was literally boring im not sure how else to put it to help the hive understand.

Not a whoke lot of release dates for much and the only things that looked impressive were the last of us 2, spider man and ghost as well as literally the only suprise was shadows die twice, love dark souls.

remixx116189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Honestly im kinda glad people called me on my bullshit, i never once accounted for the fact that this gen is coming to an end and these are gearing up for next gen so what we saw honestly pretty good when you rel
alize magazine is almost empty.

I was to negative for even my own tastes

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Ninver189d ago

Looks action packed with great story telling. Instant system seller.

crazychris4124189d ago

Whoever made that 'leaked' limited edition Spider Man PS4 Pro is a douchebag

Gaming4Life1981189d ago

This is like QTE heaven with awesome gameplay, DAy one purchase for me. I have have brought back to spiderman 2.........

VsAssassin189d ago

Boom! Seeing this game in hi-res gave me goosebumps. Great gameplay reveal. I liked the band of villains too!

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The story is too old to be commented.