Death Stranding Gets New Trailer Showing First Fantastic Gameplay and Cinematics

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kojima Productions presented a brand new look at Hideo Kojima's next game, Death Stranding.

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DarkVoyager184d ago

I’m so confused! Looks amazing though.

blackblades184d ago

That's alot of people, this is so creepy but we love it can't wait to see more.

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Sevir184d ago

I'm confused. The last sequence of the trailer talks about time fall and him being surrounded.

Also that the creatures can't see you but can hear you. Sam isn't a fighter but a delivery guy.

Too cryptic... Ok, I'm still intrigued but Damn it Kojima, I need more, TGS and PSX needs to deliver the goods. 4 Trailers and we still know so little

Bhai184d ago

THAT was the 'silent' trailer as Kojima has said, here:

The actioner one awaits ;)

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akurtz184d ago

this conference had horrible pacing. im not sure what the hell sony just did.

Lamboomington184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

yeah, conference itself could have been better. I enjoyed Microsoft's conference the same or a little more.

That said, Death Stranding is probably the best game I saw at E3.

343_Guilty_Spark184d ago

Why? It looked like a walking simulator with a creepy soundtrack.

Septic184d ago

Gotta agree with 343. It's literally what I said; felt like a walking simulator.

But I'll reserve judgement for the final game bevause I think there will be a lot more to that come release.

P_Bomb184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I simply took it at face value. Not as a walking simulator, but showing you some of the environments you’ll be in from the playable character’s POV. Hadn’t seen that before. Halo infinite did something similar. Snapshots of the world.

Plains, waterfalls, mountains, red mars looking area, dilapidated rainy ruins. Shadow of the colossus teasers did that too. The combat will come. Always does.

The puzzle here, is no one knows what’s going on yet, lol. Kojima’s using ? instead of !

denawayne184d ago

This is getting hype because it's Kojima and it's on the leading console, PS4. Imagine if MS had shown this trailer from a new studio. It would be ripped to shreds on this site. This game has shown me nothing so far. I'm not interested in the least bit.

Bhai184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

@ denawayne,
Doesn't really matter, when MGSV was revealed same amount of awe vs naw was in the air... as Kojima himself just revealed this was the "silent" trailer for Death Stranding... the smooth, action-less one... haha just wait for the one with all the gusto, see Kojima's words:

Suave_Langosta184d ago

I agree with P bomb, but yall hate on Septic too much, what they said is perfectly reasonable.

We all know it is way more than a freaking walking simulator, it’s just a joke. The game is being crafted by a god, so I can’t see his game sucking.

shinoff2183184d ago

It's abiut games thought and sony was better in that department

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343_Guilty_Spark183d ago

Halo Infinite was an in engine demo not actual gameplay footage. It gave you just enough to imagine what will happen in the next Halo. Chief new ring world. Marines.

Death Stranding showed actual gameplay of walking. Yes walking.

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Apocalypse Shadow184d ago

They did say, don't expect the same E3 experience. You already know 98% of everything MS showed will be on PS4. So they showed something else. Something different than the same thing you usually see at E3. But still show AAA games without the filler.

They could have just showed game after game after game and just walked away while dropping the mic.

crazed_shadow27183d ago

I would like a PS4 conference that starts before Microsoft, UBI, EA and Bethesda. For years it was always the last with Nintendo. But then again they have enough of their own material that they have up their sleeves. I liked how this conference dove deep into the gameplay of the major games.

blackblades184d ago

Yeah for tv viewers but that was just the beginning of the show so he'll at least they showed gameplay of the 4 games and some good announcements, freaking nioh 2.

Muigi184d ago

Looks like we’re gonna be doing a lotta walking.

crazychris4124184d ago

Still have no idea what's going on

morganfell184d ago

I think Norman Reedus' character and those he are with are dead. They are shifting things in the afterlife or in a place between life and the afterlife. A place where souls are stranded. Perhaps the baby isn't a baby but an innocent soul.

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morganfell184d ago

I also think the picture isn't a picture. Its how he chooses to represent his memory of his still living family.

Omegasyde184d ago

I believe you are looking too into it.

This game doesn’t take place on earth nor is it in the present. Hypothetical guess is a off world colony, where something bad happens (Guessing a bad experiment ala Doom/deadspace).

You play as a drifter and going to call it now...
Just like Hideo used Snake Pliskin from escape from LA/NY, he’s taking alot of inspiration from another John Carpenter movie. This time its ghost of mars...

morganfell184d ago

"I believe you are looking too into it. "

Actually I am not looking into it ha ha. Death Stranding. Stranded by Death. Where would death strand you. Pretty simple really. Listening to several interviews with Reedus and Mikklesen, it doesn't seem to be ordinary sci-fi.

Kojima used EFNY, not LA. The latter wasn't out when he created Metal Gear. And he took the Plissken name but used the likeness of Michael Biehn's Kyle Reese from The Terminator on the cover of the first game. So Kojima draws on a lot of sources at once.

Chevalier184d ago

My theory was that they're in Limbo. Between life and death. Stranded that is. Especially if you actually look up the term Death Stranding and Live Stranding. The Whales kind seemed like a clue in the original trailer.

morganfell183d ago

"My theory was that they're in Limbo."

My point exactly :)

Chevalier183d ago (Edited 183d ago )


Glad someone agrees with me. I've posted my thoughts as such since the very first trailer and all the other things shown so far has me convinced.

First to preface why I thought so since the first trailer. What does the term 'Death Stranding' mean? When whales get trapped in a bay when water recedes and they die as a result its called a 'Death Stranding'. If the water returns and the whales survive the ordeal its called a 'Live Stranding'. What was present in the first trailer? Lots of dead whales populated the beach where Norman Reedus character wakes up.

What else indicated to me this theory? The camera pans up and we see the scar on his body which looks like an upside down cross and when the trailer ends he looks up and it looks like 4 or 5 floating figures are in the sky. They appear like angels. Common images of the afterlife? Angels.

Since then we found out he's a Porter. What is a Porter? By definition:
a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railroad station, airport, or hotel. We've seen them carry dead bodies in the new trailer. So a Porter for the Dead? To the afterlife maybe? Like say the Ferryman who brings the Dead to the Afterlife? We clearly see the Porters wading though water multiple times in the trailer. On that note water is prominently featured in almost every trailer as a I think is imagery of a path way. Definition of Ferryman:

(Greek mythology) the ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx or the river Acheron to Hades

So my theory is they were studying a subject that is a common interest in science which is the science of death. They find a path and follow the crumbs and unfortunately they opened a door that shouldn't be opened. Doors unfortunately go both ways. Now they're trying to undo or fix some messed up paradox that resulted from an experiment that has gone horribly wrong. So now everyone is trapped between Life and Death.

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Greg2801184d ago

I love that i dont know what its about.
Makes me want to play it even more, because i really want to find it out.

Gaming4Life1981184d ago

Game looks amazing, interstellar meets osirus new dawn = norman reedus walking dead. Im down is all im saying,
day one buy for me

morganfell184d ago

Same here. Listening to Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen talk about this project and Kojima gets me completely amped up even more than I am already.

Norman Reedus:
Mads Mikkelsen:

Bhai184d ago

Also this one was the 'Silent' trailer, as Kojima just revealed. Action oriented is definitely coming up... maybe PAX or TGS... see here, Kojima's words:

Gaming4Life1981184d ago

Yea I'm not even kojima fan unless were talking mgs on psone. This game looks great.