Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed At E3 2018

Capcom has announced Resident Evil 2 Remake at Sony's E3 2018 press conference today.

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ZaWarudo102d ago

I hurt my throat from excited screeching.

naruga102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

looks good but still Leon is a bit ugly (where is RE6 leon) ......also anyone knows if it will be exclusive ? the start shows a PS1

HeisenbergX101d ago

Yeah i hate how Ada and Leon look ! but that's only because we were used to how they looked for so many years let's have faith this is gonna be dope can't wait ! :3


^^Claire looks sexy asf. Looking forward to that OTS view.

Razmiran101d ago

Re6 leon is probably like 15 years later because time passes between the games

Ninja_Ryu101d ago

Probably a time exclusive

Gatsu101d ago

Leon is younger here...

GamesMaster1982101d ago

They could have the same look as the ps2 pixel character for all I care. I’m just happy it never got canned and is in deed coming. For berer or worse don’t care , just really need this again.

GamesMaster1982101d ago

Damn you love hating Naruga. Please tell me a game you do actually like ?

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snake-OO101d ago

He's a younger Leon, remember he is the rookie police officer first day on his job in RE2

SmielmaN101d ago

Totally right and this is a day 1 buy for me...

SolidGear3101d ago

I had a seizure from excitement :D

Gaming4Life1981102d ago

Finally the Gods have answered my prayers!

on_line_forever101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

OK the remake looks good thanks to re engine and 3rd person camera,
But I have some notes on this remake :

- I don't like the face look of Leon and Claire ( the faces in resident evil : the darkside chronicless - memory of a lost city is so much better than this remake )

- I don't like the new voice of Leon and Claire and the police officer ( the original one so much better )

- I don't like all the music and soundtruck in this remake trailer ( the original one is so better and so special )

- I hope they don't ruin the zombie looks , attack and his movement ( i have feeling they will do something wrong about this )

- too much dark places ( the original one not all places are dark for example the police office in this remake is dark but the original there is light )

kopp3rbug101d ago

OMG !!!! STOP COMPLAINING!!!! YOU LITERALLY JUST SAW A VERY, VERY SMALL SNAPSHOT OF SOMETHING MUCH LARGER!!!! Stop jumping to conclusions and just be happy this is real and is coming out!!!


on_line_forever101d ago

I know it's hurts but this is the fact from what I watch in this trailer
and by the way I don't need to see the full product because I play the original so many times so I know exactly what Iam talking about

-Foxtrot102d ago



Looks fantastic...excited :)

Gatsu101d ago

Yeah it look sooo fantastic indeed <3!

NapalmSanctuary101d ago

Found this RE2 trailer on the official PS youtube:


Best announcement of E3 for me.

2pacalypsenow102d ago

Is it exclusive? I saw a PS1 console there.

KwietStorm102d ago

That's a good point. I noticed that but completely forgot after my hype numbed my brain.

2pacalypsenow102d ago

If it's exclusive that would be massive for PlayStation


Nope, it's coming to XB1 as well.

KwietStorm101d ago

I take that back. The trailer at PlayStation's conference was specially made for them, so that's why the console was there. There's a much better universal trailer separate from that one. Don't know why they felt the need to do that but whatever.

GamesMaster1982101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Na I think at least X1,PS4 and pc will get . Would be also nice if Switch owners got it too, as the Rei Remake was first on the Nintendo GameCube

2pacalypsenow101d ago

Switch will prob get a cloud version.

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