E3 2018: Here's What Happened To Every Studio Microsoft Has Bought

Microsoft has a history of buying new studios, but how long do they last?

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FallenAngel1984162d ago

“Of the 10 studios we profiled that Microsoft has acquired over the past 20 years, five have been closed, two are still around but separated, and three are still active members of the Microsoft family.”

I don’t like those odds. Having a 3/10 chance of thriving under Microsoft doesn’t sound comforting.

In fact of those three remaining devs that didn’t try to separate from Microsoft or got shut down.

- Rare turned into a shadow of its former self
- BigPark works more on Microsoft apps than games
- Mojang still has yet to show it isn’t a one trick pony

Lord only knows how this will affect Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Compulsion, or Undead Labs in the long term. I wish them the best though.

Obscure_Observer162d ago

Just give those studios freedom and they shall shine. Can´t wait to see what Ninja Theory has in store.

zerocarnage161d ago

fanboy disagrees bunch of Muppets on this site.

from what I've read just sony are only concentrating on 4 exclusives this e3 and not doing all to much, if this is true whats that saying to all the fanboys that keep bitching at MS i will laugh at the fanboys if sony dial it down. I won't laugh because i dislike sony because i do like them but because you fanboys are such a bunch of idiotic plebs that always preach Sony on ign like they never do anything wrong and as if you always know it all and you don't.

PUBG161d ago

Sony has shut down just as many studios, with Zipper Interactive and Evolution Studios being the two most recent.

PhoenixUp161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Sony also has the best track record of all the hardware manufacturers at maintaining their acquired studios such as Bend Studio, Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, & Sucker Punch.

The only acquired developers Microsoft retained thus far have been Rare, BigPark & Mojang. You can’t compare that to the Sony ones I listed earlier for so many reasons.

Even Nintendo’s acquisitions of Retro Studios & Monolith Soft have proven to produce far more quality content than those three Xbox developers.

ScootaKuH161d ago

I stil haven't got over the closure of Sony Liverpool. I remember them when they were Psygnosis :(

zerocarnage161d ago

Here we go trying to make ms into the devil again like Sony havnt ever done the same.

I mean it has taken a very long time for Sony to gather the remarkable studios they have but do not forget about the fodder that was put into the pit of doom also and there have been alot along the way.

remember this is business as much as it our enjoyable gaming industry and if these studios are not pulling there weight they are dispatched as if it were head first on the chopping block like medieval days.

These studios have to work hard to keep the attention of the console developers they are under and it's a pretty poor survival rate now days but everyone goes off surprised.

These dev teams do take special kind of nurturing as if they are a baby that needs feeding all the way till they are grown to adult where they can stand on there two feet, it just so happens Sony managed to do this more successful than ms. MS can learn this as well and like many of you said it does requires X amount of money thrown at them, patience and creative freedom as well as risk but it can pay off but not always.

Remember exclusives are a risky business and only one out of a good amount get serious sales numbers, Sony have had a good few games sell well but there have been alot of games which havnt too. You also have alot more thirds being made than firsts and it would take all the console developers to change that state of play for first to over come thirds.

I do love how the Sony side or the haters gave ms stick constantly now they did what the fanboys and haters thought they wouldn't do, the new lame crap thing coming out of there mouths is these studios will be dead soon or they won't make anything decent. I mean seriously get off your high horses and stop being a bunch of arrogant idiots before making yet more assumption you will most likely get wrong for the millionth time. You bunch of Muppets do know no one is interested in the negativity, the hate or your fanboy crap, all were interested in is what these studios will be getting on with and what they are doing just the same as what every other devs out there are developing, same as sony and as nintendo.

Personally I think we will see some great games, there maybe one or two that make there first game and it will be on par but that's just it isn't it these studios could take a while to shine or they could be instant hits either way good job MS and welcome aboard to the new talented dev teams..