Netflix and YouTube Possibly Coming to Nintendo Switch

It appears updates to Nintendo’s digital apps might be coming sooner rather than later, if ads featured on Best Buy are to be believed.

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Gemmol160d ago

now we will hear one less complaint

cell989160d ago

Smh.. lol even my tv comes with Netflix and YouTube

Neonridr160d ago

Exactly, so you don't need it on your Switch.

cell989160d ago

Shameful you have to tell that to yourself to feel better. You missed my point

Neonridr159d ago

@cell989 - no it isn't. I have Netflix in every device I own. Why would I need it on my switch too? If I am at home I watch it via my 4K TV. If I am on the go I watch it in my phone. I thought we were saying that games consoles should be just that.

Uken12160d ago

My TV plays Netflix and Youtube better than any of my gaming systems so why would I watch it on Switch. Maybe on the go but I would mainly use that to play games anyways.

I will say I am surprised it hasn't come sooner but really don't care with all the other options I have.

MunchMiller00160d ago

*gasp* Truly, the Switch is at the cutting edge of technology.

FancyMudkip160d ago

Netflix and YouTube should have been on the Switch from the get-go. I'm not sure why this is taking Nintendo too long to simply add them. Yeah, I know that they're available on million devices, but still.

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