What Does The Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Tell Us?

The Cyberpunk 2077 trailer stole the show at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing. It is mostly a cinematic trailer, but it gives us enough to make some inferences about what we might find in the final version of the highly-anticipated game coming from CD PROJEKT RED.

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Septic187d ago

That we have a SICK game coming.

NorthernFrost186d ago

You said it. No doubt about that!

Gustertote187d ago

I was hoping it'd be more gritty, but I'm still looking forward to it

MrAmazing187d ago

Watch the trailer again ;) Looks pretty gritty I think.

I wonder if the brighter/neon art style makes it appear less gritty? But there is so much violence in the trailer which has me convinced that the tone will be very dark when the game is released.

gyggyg185d ago

I think you can see from the trailer that while there is a lot of violence, the tone is kind of laid-back and I wouldn't really call it gritty. It may sound weird, but in some ways I saw it more more as "The Fifth Element" and less as "Blade Runner"

The gritty moments in the Witcher 3 were my favorite moments, so I hope they haven't cut them out here.


It looks awesome! After Playing TW3 and it beating out Skyrim as my favorite open world fantasy RPG, Im all aboard the hype train!

SCW1982187d ago

I thought it would have a more Bladerunner Noir feel but what I saw was absolutely awesome.

187d ago
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