Microsoft Won't Back Down After E3 Conference

Newly acquired studios working on AAA titles along with an updated Game Pass service and a new streaming platform coming soon could lead to something big for Microsoft and have them overtake Sony in the on going “console wars”. With a tease of a new console in the works could this be the year Microsoft beats Sony at E3? Sony is still up to bat next so only time will tell.

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Septic162d ago

After a pretty limp gen of righting the wrongs day one, Xbox finally getting shit sorted.

JROCKNXL162d ago

I was very surprised with their showing yesterday. Future is looking great. Hopefully they don't back down from any of the promises

Brave_Losers_Unite162d ago

Announcing 3rd party games and the usual Forza, Halo, Gears isn't getting "shit sorted"

Septic162d ago

Yeah because that's all that happened yesterday...

Disingenuous AF.

Brave_Losers_Unite162d ago


Buying studios where games will still come out on PC?

JerseyDon162d ago

Who cares if they come to the PC also. Microsoft wants to build an eco system for both to come together. Also don't forget half or more console owners probably don't own a PC, so theybare exclusive to those who can't play on PC.

DigitalRaptor162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Buying 2 studios that were already making Xbox exclusives and 2 other ones that are focused on AA games isn't really "getting shit sorted", but I see what you mean, and I understand why that is the perception. Whatever that other "Initiative" studio is remains a mystery. I will say that the only studio I right now have blind faith in, is Ninja Theory. They are a one of a kind.

However, we've seen the state in which Microsoft is happy putting out really goddamn awful exclusive games, there's no guarantee in quality. As we've seen this gen, plenty of people were excited for games like Recore and Quantum Break and there was absolutely no true indication that they would end up just not being all that good. Microsoft was confident in them, and pushed them. Just because Microsoft has purchased some more studios, doesn't mean they are infallible and can't hit bum notes, produce crap games or ones that simply don't resonate. They definitely should not have announced these studios and should have waited until the point in development where they knew that the games would be satisfactory before getting people excited about MOAR EXCLUSIVES.

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DarkVoyager162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

“Game Pass is a fantastic streaming service already and with its growing popularity it will only get better and better.”

It’s not a streaming service it a digital service.

JROCKNXL162d ago

whoops! thanks for pointing that out for me. cheers. Was thinking of the new streaming service while writing this lol

DarkVoyager162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

“whoops! thanks for pointing that out for me. cheers.”

No problem. Glad I could help:)

shinoff2183161d ago

That's a horrible idea. Welcome to never owning your games. I see pepole begging all the time for Xbox games in forums. Ms minimum print run is 50000 copies mean while sony is at as low as 1000 and the switch has recently joined in with sony by allowing small print runs. As a gamer/collector that is a big deal. A digital future means the games aren't yours. Once that store shuts down that's it yiu can't download your games anymore. I say Screw that.

DarkVoyager161d ago

“That's a horrible idea. Welcome to never owning your games.“

Do you own your games on PS Now?

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162d ago
Gaming4Life1981162d ago

Septic they did but with no release dates i was a lil dissapointed for the now, but the future looks promising.

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crazyCoconuts162d ago

We shall see. The Xbox fan is no stranger to promises and patience.

FallenAngel1984162d ago

The rest of the year still looks completely barren for Xbox One exclusives outside of Forza

DarkVoyager161d ago

What major exclusives does Sony have other than Spider-Man from here on out in 2018?

FallenAngel1984161d ago

One would think that since Xbox One’s 1st half of 2018’s exclusive lineup was so pathetic that Microsoft would make up for it in the second half, but alas we must play the waiting game yet again

TocaCannaBowl162d ago

all they showed is multiplats how is this winning ? why so many articles how xbox is back microsoft saved xbox ? lol all i saw was games that i will be getting on the ps4

Travis3708162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

So showing no new IPs, relaying on Halo, Gears, Forza, buying studios that were already making Xbox games is trying to overtake Sony??? Lol you guys sure do brag on the small things MS does. Sony is not only showing new IPs but Is also doing sequels for fan favorite franchises. Add in to the fact that Sony is making sure single player games stay alive unlike MS who is pushing for MP only games. I would hate to see how gaming would be without Sony. MS has did nothing that’ll help Xbox but instead they helped developers instead.

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