Square Enix's E3 Presentation Was A Joke

Expectations were high for the first E3 presser from Square Enix in three years. The publisher has a lot of exciting upcoming projects that we haven’t heard much about, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Naturally, Square Enix showed absolutely none of them.

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morganfell162d ago

Perhaps Kraptaku should wait until all the pressers are completed.

Jaypi03162d ago

Do they really need to wait to tell if it was bad?

morganfell162d ago

The basis of their criticism was missing titles, so yes. A little patience would be called for instead of a rush to judgement. Those titles may have been missing for a reason. If they have an agreement for them to appear for the first time on the Sony stage the way MS had a ton of agreements then their argument loses steam. Sony's conference just happens to be after SE's so perhaps this is why those did not appear. I am not saying that is reason but they wasted no time in immediately attacking SE over something concerning which they do not have all the facts. At least these blockheads should have entertained the possibility there was a logical reason. This article wasn't going to turn to acid if they simply waited a few hours. They are supposed to be reporters but as usual kotaku is devoid of any investigatory skills whatsoever.

Gaming4Life1981162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

So Ms is winning E3? I thought MS had a great conference but what makes it suck is only 1 game coming this year. At least we know forza horizon 4 will be amazing though.

You say have patience now but when do you ever give patience to MS?

If we can have patience for square then can we have patience for MS?

I only bring up MS cause you are a known hater of MS but yet your screaming patience now.

morganfell161d ago

How many times have you needed to be patient with Square over game trailers? MS we have needed to be patient year after year after year. They have had a hundred chances and burned them all to the ground. They have been given wonderful shots with great studios and they destroyed them. Incredible opportunities with beautiful IPs and canceled them or ran them into the ground. No, MS had their chance. They ate their fair share of patience and plenty that could have been spared elsewhere. At some point you have to cut people off.

Gaming4Life1981161d ago

Come on the last guardian was in development how long? or ff15? i can go on but i wont.

I do agree that xbox fans are on edge but the last 2 e3 from MS was good, its just no release dates that is bad. Thats the problem with their e3 this year. Im saying you need start giving credit or leinancy to all or none at all.

morganfell161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Was the Last Guardian a first party game? You think two wrongs make a right? There are a bazillion game developers and publishers, only 3 major console developers. Which has the power to do the most damage with their uncaring attitude toward gamers. Which one has literally wiped good studios out like Rare and Bungie. Go on, keep supporting them. You are going to keep getting what you deserve. A bunch of promises to make you cheer and get in line and then deliveries are hollow. Enjoy that cloud power with Crackdown that I am sure is in there since they have talked so much about it. And those new IPs...oh wait.

All they have done is promised...just like before. I'll give them a break when they deliver. Not until.

Some people never learn. Fool me once...

Enjoy, I am off to watch the Ghosts of Tsushima gameplay again. Ciao.

Gaming4Life1981161d ago

ok so your saying those games are bad because of someones opinon but not your own or gamers. I feel you that MS has dropped the ball this gen but sony has been in those moments and not all sony games are master pieces. Sony owns the media in that regard but MS realized their mistake but its about games an dlets be real. Sony games are not the best but the media brainwash people to the point that they forget waht gaming is about. I like Sony MS and Nintendo but gaming comes first not brand. Sony has been around more gens than MS but where were you when MS blazed sony last gen? The thing is Sony makes mature games and we are adults but sony has had time to cater to kids and MS is trying to reach all. To say that MS games suck is not true, to say that MS needs to make more exclusives is true. Have you ever thought that MS is trying to reach all gamers thats wwhy they going the path they going?

I say just enjoy games and stop hating like a child.

morganfell161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I do enjoy games but I do not care for companies that hold back the industry, push the industry in the wrong direction, harm game development houses, ruin good IPS.

Go to the gym to lose weight and you will fail. Its a life of fat. Get involved in an activity like mountain biking, triathlons, etc and make fun your goal and the weight will come off by itself. Games work the same way.

Gaming is a business. It has to make money to prosper. But if your focus is on money, your profit and your customers suffer because your product will suffer. Focus on your customers and your product will be wonderful and your customers happy and the money will come on its own. Sony gets this. MS does it to pay lip service.

Trust has to be earned. Not with words but with deeds. And broken trust must be earned back twice. When the customers get the games things can be reassessed. These studios MS purchased are relatively meaningless. Only one that is being built will make a difference from how things are currently. The others were making Xbox games already. Look at Ninja Theory. Their last 3 games came to the Xbox. All the purchase did was stop the next one in 3 years or so from coming to the PlayStation. And Ninja Theory worked with MS before. MS dropped them and their Xbox 360 project. Sony stepped in, gave them money, and Heavenly Sword, originally running on Xbox 360 dev kits became a PS3 title.

morganfell161d ago

Addendum. I owned 3 OG Xbox units. I had 5 Xbox 360s. I currently have 2 Xbox One S units. I have a stack of HALO loot boxes that touch the ceiling. I have, minus ones that came out this year, every HALO book ever published. All of them. When there were hardbound versions, those are the ones I purchased. I have given MS the benefit again and again and again.

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FallenAngel1984162d ago

Guardians of the Galaxy? When did Square Enix ever announce they were working on that license?

SegaGamer162d ago

I wouldn't call it a joke, that's a bit harsh, unnecessary would be a better word. If they had something substantial to show us, then it would have been a lot better.

The 10th Rider162d ago

Yeah, they could have put Octopath in Nintendo's show and The Quiet Man and Bablyon Fall at Sony's (wouldn't be surprised to see either happen anyways) and then their conference would be 100% unnecessary.

pietro1212162d ago

They announced months ago that the FFVII would not be at E3

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