Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Editions Announced; Disney Producers Comment on the Game

Following the reveal at its video showcase, Square Enix announced two Deluxe Editions for Kingdom Hearts III.

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Harkins1721105d ago

I feel like they could have done so much more with the Collectors edition of KH3

-Foxtrot105d ago

Tell me about it

Replica Keyblade

thatguyhayat105d ago

£200 for that??? Seriously? Fallout 76 is giving way better stuff worth the price but seriously this? I was looking forward to it as well.

Tross105d ago

Those are very expensive figures.

Snookies12105d ago

Ehhh, I don't know... I was hoping for something a lot better for these editions. I like the Steelbook, but it's a bit plain. I just sort of expected them to go all out on this one.

-Foxtrot105d ago

I thought it would have been something they'd go all out with aswell, like instead of their typical Bring Arts figures

Even the steelbook looks pretty basic, remember the 1.5/2.5 HD Remix collector's edition? The steelbook was beautiful.

Pyrofire95105d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 needs some sweet cover art like the first 2.