Opinion: Square Enix E3 show – Huge disappointment

Gaming Boulevard wrote down their opinion of the Square Enix conference and they think it's a huge disappointment, to say the least.

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Nitrowolf2184d ago

Agreed, only thing I can think off they’re holding off till Sony conference

Nyxus184d ago

I hope so. If FF7 doesn't show up there, I don't know what to think.

ZaWarudo184d ago

I don't think we'll be seeing FFVII at all for awhile.

CorndogBurglar184d ago

It would make sense. The original trailer we saw for FFVII said "Play it first on PS4."

So it's very possible it will show up there. Square Enix also didn't show the FFVII announcement trailer in their show back then.

However, didn't we get that news article that said they basically scrapped everything that had been done and restarted? Maybe they really aren't that far along with it...

Agent_00_Revan184d ago

Rumor is they started back from scratch a good while ago. So even the trailer we saw years ago is basically worthless. It'll be a good amount of time before we see anything again. Even next E3 may be a stretch.

Relientk77184d ago

Some good stuff, but was expecting at least an hour or more of games and new announcements. Where the hell was the Avengers game, maybe at Sony's conference..

Overall disappointing

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The story is too old to be commented.