Fortnite seems to be releasing on Switch tomorrow

Fortnite for Switch is one of the worst-kept secrets at this point. Many are expecting an announcement tomorrow, and it could be launching this week as well.

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crazyCoconuts160d ago

My kids are dying for this. Wonder what cross-play capabilities it'll have.

MaximusTKG160d ago

Likely xbox and pc if anything at all.

TheGamez100160d ago

Game is crossplay on ALL platforms ps4, pc, xb1, and mobile. Im sure switch will be same.

neocores8055160d ago

It is crossplay this way... Ps4,Mobile and PC...
Xb1-pc,moible maybe switch depends on nintendo


Not sure why Sony is not allowing cross play?

Neonridr160d ago

No it isn't. Sony won't allow crossplay with XB1 or Switch.

SuperSonic91160d ago

The Mobile Version perhaps?


Wow! I don't care for Fortnite and I don't have a Switch, but this is HUGE for the BR community who have been wanting to play this on a Proper Handheld!