Microsoft impresses with its tenacity and honesty at E3

It was a great show, moving at a brisk clip, unburdened with cringeworthy banter, peppered with noteworthy announcements and premieres, and positively stuffed with games: 50 of the things, a lot of them looking rather good. Just as significantly, it felt addressed to Xbox gamers directly, rather than pundits, analysts and stakeholders.

But perhaps more importantly, Microsoft's E3 2018 media briefing was straight-talking - almost shockingly so for an E3 presser. It didn't pretend that Xbox doesn't have a weakness in exclusive games, and it had a long-term solution to propose. It talked about the future and it addressed the elephant in the room - the distant but quite clearly audible rumblings of an approaching new console generation - with candour and confidence, and without seeking to pull the wool of the eyes of the console-buying audience, or to use the information, or lack of it, as a strategic chip in the battle with its rival, PlayStation.

2013 seems like a long time ago. This was a presentation by a player untroubled by hubris, humbled by past mistakes, but determined to stay in the game and willing to show enough of its hand to convince gamers of its serious intent. Job done.

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XiNatsuDragnel65d ago

Good now next year continue to build on this momentum you've started on.

naruga64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

it was a solid conference ..i will definately give them that ....good pacing ,good presantation, no cringy moments , no substanceless game sessions , generally good games and good (no there werent bold , theywere just normal ) investments in studios ......the only con (which is a bit serious one) that again (and again since 2006-7) the only new worthy exclusive games were the holy triad of MS franchises -New Halo ,New Gears , New Forza....Damn any new IP cannt be developped by those 1st party studios??? ...iwasnt bored but i wasnt excited also ....

Edit: smthing irrelevant...FU Capcom , why you destroyed Nero and Dante appearances ??? they look like cretine douchebags

Septic65d ago

"Xbox has been bloodied in this round of the console war, no doubt, and Spencer has so far only been able to raise it halfway back off the mat where his predecessors left it."

Spot on.

"The games industry would be much poorer without everything Xbox has done for it in the last 15-plus years, and now we can feel confident it's in it for the long haul."

Absolutely. That for me was the big point. I've now seen Xbox at its very lows, throughout this whole gen. This E3 surprised me and really proved that MS is in it to win it. Obviously winning against the behemoth that is Sony is going to be absolutely difficult but the seeds are sown for a great battle next gen which means great games all round.

I'm legit excited

gamerzero65d ago

"The games industry would be much poorer without everything Xbox has done for it in the last 15-plus years."

Yeah... DLC (MT's), Paid Online, trying to push the always online thing, thanks Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond64d ago

Shall we focus on what bad the other company's has done in the past also?

gamerzero64d ago


You can say whatever you want, I enjoy debate. But I don't feel like anything Sony has done has been as damaging on the long term as Microsoft. DLC and Paid Online are the worst. Gaming would have been so much better with out those things.

AngelicIceDiamond64d ago

DLC and Paid Online are the worst." MS popularized yes but they didn't start it. It was actually SEGA Dreamcast with Phantasy Star. So if you're lookin to point fingers...

sizeofyou64d ago

I think it's fair to say that without MS, Sony would not be offering what it does at the moment. No matter how the cycles work, competition is good.
MS showed more intent than it has previously. It has a few stalwart IPs to shore it up and will hopefully strengthen a little. But I also believe Sony will react to that and plan accordingly too. I don't believe they intend to throw in a towel any decade soon. Too much money involved.

I'm in both camps - my PS4P offers more than my XBX but both give me great games to remember. I hope MS develops but it has a US route 20 ahead still.

Looking forward to next 5 years...

aconnellan64d ago

“Gaming would have been so much worse without those things”

Sony would have absolutely introduced paid online longer-term. It’s would not have been sustainable for them to continue free online for much longer, unless you would have preferred the quality of servers back in the PS3 days?

As for DLC, like Angelic said, they were doing that back in then Sega days. And without it you wouldn’t have Infamous’ well-received DLC, or Horizon’s Frozen Wilds, or Forza’s Hot Wheels. I think that’s net positive in terms of DLC.

Sirk7x64d ago

Halo 2 was the first game that introduced modern matchmaking. Consoles functioning as PCs, having hard drives, the original Xbox moved the industry forward in a huge way. Before Halo, PC quality FPS games weren't really considered feasible on consoles, and before the Xbox, PC ports were generally considered out of reach. Doom 3, Morrowind, those games were really big deals back in the day. Sure, Microsoft fumbled this generation, but we can't pretend that the original Xbox and 360 weren't amazing parts of video gaming history.

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Elda64d ago

As someone that's been curious about the XBO platform MS conference did absolutely nothing to sway me to buy an XBO. My focus was to see what new unique interesting AAA exclusives they were going to show & it was the same 3 predictable known XB titles & that's Halo,Gears & Forza titles I'm not interested in though Gears looks like a fun game.Most of their show was plenty of multi-plats that I'll play on my Pro.Maybe next gen they'll finally have a portfolio of new unique exclusives that may sway me to finally buy an XB console.

DialgaMarine64d ago

I wouldn’t bother. Just buy a PC. I thought getting a Xbone would give the best of both worlds, but it’s just been a completely regrettable purchase. Believe me when I say you’re much better off just getting a PC. Plus, on PC, you can play Xbox’s exclusives with a DS4, instead of the garbage Xbox controller.

Elda64d ago

I hear you but I'm basically a gaming console gal & at this present time it seems my Pro gives me all of my gaming needs far as exclusives & multi-plats.I wouldn't mind having different platforms to play on but the other consoles have no software library of exclusives that interest me.I'm not wasting money on a console that's just going to sit & collect dust.

DialgaMarine64d ago

I feel you. I’m just throwing in my 2 cents based off personal experience. I haven’t plugged my Xbone in for almost 2 years now, but I recently bought a decent range laptop and have been having a blast playing games like Cuphead with my DualShock 4. But hey, if you want to buy a 2 TB Xbone S, hit me up lol

Razzer64d ago

Cuz usually they lie? I'm kidding. I don't get it either.

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