Microsoft is Getting Ready for the Next Xbox vs. PlayStation Console War

It might be another tricky year for the Xbox One, especially as Sony has already delivered exclusive games like Detroit: Become Human, God of War, and Shadow of the Colossus this year. Sony is also expected to show off more big exclusives at its own E3 event tonight, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and Spider-Man. Microsoft showed at E3 that it’s ready to play the long game, and that will inevitably lead it toward the next big console battle with Sony.

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2pacalypsenow190d ago

But according to MS there is no war.

JaguarEvolved190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

The next Xbox console already Lost to the ps5. Microsoft already has experienced development team making mediocre and rubbish games that has been constantly failing so owning a bunch of new small independent teams won't do much entering the next generation. Ps5 might be coming out next year or 2020 and its not enough time for these small Microsoft devs or mediocre dev team to make Sony PlayStation high quality type games like horizon zero or uncharted 4, or god of war. Sony can make those high quality exclusives and they will for the ps5 launch. Microsoft is pushing games as a service which they'll continue to do based on their words and I know a lot of gamers aren't into it.

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Skull521190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

The most powerful hardware and backward compatibility is going to win the day. Not to mention Xbox Live is still an entire generation ahead of PSN, and online is the future.

The fact is they made the Xbox One X so powerful that the PS5 is actually going to compete with that while the next gen Xbox will be uncontested save high priced PC's.

2pacalypsenow190d ago


How is it an entire generation ahead?

Voice chat : Check
Party System : Check
Streaming service : Check
Online Play : Check
Optional Game Streaming : Check

And BC has been around for a long time now and it hasn't made a difference.

Skull521190d ago

Xbox Live has been around for three generations. PSN only two. Three generations minus two generations equals one generation. One generation ahead. Did you need more of an explanation or did you understand that okay?

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343_Guilty_Spark190d ago

If you don’t think Sony is trying to find more ways to monetize games you are just naive.

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OB1Biker190d ago

Yes, its a fanboy thingy /s

manabyte77190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

And there isn’t. Contrary to to many blinded Xbox fans, Microsoft did not have a good E3. They put on one hell of a showcase for a ton of third parties. Their annual exclusive gears/halo/forza retread is old. Buying studios looks good on paper, but that’s only because they have no talent in cultivating their own. Ninja Theory and Conpulsion will wither like other victims under the MS umbrella.

Most importantly, MS hammered home they are a service. That’s their future, regardless of whether they have another box. Renting, no ownership, no reselling, streaming, forfeiture of rights, GaaS, MT... that’s your future at Xbox. Watch the hapless sheep try and deny it too 😂.

RpgSama190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Ms E3 was a travesty, the same conference of every year, over again, a new Forza, a new Halo, 3 Gears with Gears Pop, Gears Tactics & Gears 5, Ori 2 showed again, Crackdown 3 showed for the 6th time?, Sea of Thieves expansions for a game that is already dead + already released "exclusives" like Pubg yet again and we happy few again, a game that was released like 2 years ago on Xbox as an early access, for me the conference was a HUGE disappointment. The biggest purchase and surprise was Ninja Theory, Playground and Undead labs doesn't add anything to MS, they already were releasing games exclusively for Xbox, so they didn't gain nothing they didn't already have with those, that's it.

milohighclub190d ago

"Their annual exclusive gears/halo/forza retread is old"

It got old last gen, now its just sad.

AmUnRa190d ago

"Microsoft is ready for to play the long play.."

Do you really think that? Looking at the history what Microsoft did with theyr bought studio's i would be a bit sceptic, and i have facts to prove it.

DigitalRaptor190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

So this article specifically talks about first-party lineups and investment in original games, but it neglects to acknowledge that SONY IS CONTINUING TO INVEST IN FIRST-PARTY.

They've very recently opened up a new studio in San Diego to take on the mantle of the Uncharted series, so that their existing teams are free to work on other things. John Kodera, has very recently confirmed that SIE will be increasing and improving their first-party. They have 2 studios right now that are 100% dedicated to creating first-party PSVR games, with a couple others that also support PSVR. So already there, they are ahead and I don't see Microsoft having a dedicated VR studio.

Xbox's position will improve, but they're not winning the next-generation in terms of first-party exclusives because they've acquired 5 studios ranging from AA to AA to unknown quality. Sony's experience is too broad for them to compete.

Obscure_Observer190d ago


"They've very recently opened up a new studio in San Diego to take on the mantle of the Uncharted series"

Didn´t know about that. Do you have a source?

XiNatsuDragnel190d ago

PS5 will probably win next gen! But who knows

LOCO209190d ago

Only when they think they are ahead (chest pounding and trash talking) other than that it is why is everyone picking on us.
I tend to stay with what has more consistency and reliability.

yellowgerbil190d ago

well they better get better than halo 6 because Ghosts of Tsushima is definitely a PS5 game (beyond good and evil 2 and star field will be multiplat next generation) but to compare the exclusives, Ghosts looks better than Halo

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