Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI: not in this decade

Eggplante postulates that Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI aren't coming out until 2020, if not much later.

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sirultimos126d ago

I think that's right. These games are gonna tale forever to come out.

--bienio--126d ago

I’m really believe Bethesa should be called “joke” announced games years ahead?? Oki I can understand “Starfield “ it’s new franchise, but Tes6??!!! The game everyone waiting for years to come?!! And Now we need to wait even longer?!! Absolutely JOKE!!

Skull521126d ago

I just hope they are on a new game engine instead of the one that has been recycled for 20 years

nucky64126d ago

yup - and bringing another fallout game out BEFORE bringing ES6??? this makes no sense.

raWfodog126d ago

That's okay. We'll need games to play in the future too :)

kalkano126d ago

Starfield - 2021; ES6 - 2024

ifinitygamer126d ago

Unfortunately, yep. We were trying to not be too pessimistic, but yeah even with slight delays, you’re likely right.

Sam Fisher126d ago

Atleast es6 is going to be fully next gen instead of inbetween


So this gen will be skipped for ES? That makes me sad :(

raWfodog126d ago

Well we got Skyrim Remastered for this gen :)

franwex126d ago

I think it’s correct too. I was hoping that they would’ve pulled a fallout 4, a reveal with a release day a few months away.