Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI: not in this decade

Eggplante postulates that Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI aren't coming out until 2020, if not much later.

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sirultimos188d ago

I think that's right. These games are gonna tale forever to come out.

--bienio--188d ago

I’m really believe Bethesa should be called “joke” announced games years ahead?? Oki I can understand “Starfield “ it’s new franchise, but Tes6??!!! The game everyone waiting for years to come?!! And Now we need to wait even longer?!! Absolutely JOKE!!

Skull521188d ago

I just hope they are on a new game engine instead of the one that has been recycled for 20 years

nucky64188d ago

yup - and bringing another fallout game out BEFORE bringing ES6??? this makes no sense.

raWfodog188d ago

That's okay. We'll need games to play in the future too :)

188d ago Replies(2)

So this gen will be skipped for ES? That makes me sad :(

raWfodog188d ago

Well we got Skyrim Remastered for this gen :)

franwex188d ago

I think it’s correct too. I was hoping that they would’ve pulled a fallout 4, a reveal with a release day a few months away.